Acer C250i


Key features:

  • Allows the portrait mode
  • Ability to transfer audio and video
  • Ability to display high-quality images without PC
  • Android and iOS operating systems can connect
  • Ability to support image projection from several angles



The C250i supports image projection from several angles without using any stands due to its unique design. It not just looks stylish but also saves space and provides a wide range of use cases: users can rotate the projector until others find the best angle for projecting the image on the wall or ceiling.



If the user installs the device vertically, horizontal projection onto the wall and activation of the mode with automatic change of image orientation will become possible. This innovative model allows the user to use portrait mode directly when communicating in the video chat or during the stream without black bars on the sides when connecting wirelessly to the projector. Acer C250i feature set, implemented for maximum flexibility and convenience, will surely amaze even the most advanced smartphone users. Keystone correction ensures that content on the screen looks flawless from any angle.


High-Quality Full HD Resolution & Wireless Touch-Presentation System

Acer CastMaster Touch is a convenient wireless presentation system made of available receivers and transmitters designed to replace wired devices. This system is ready to use without installing software and can switch signals between speakers within 0.1 seconds. It can control using gestures on the touch panel and has a low delay value of less than 100 ms. CastMaster Touch works excellent with this device in a meeting room.

Despite its compact size, the C250i supports outputting high-quality, high-definition images of 1080p and can work autonomously for up to 5 hours on a single charge. Users of the Android and iOS operating systems can connect to the Acer C250i wirelessly without any problems, and also use it at home or on the road, forgetting about the wires. The C250i LED module has a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours. The projector supports transmission of 100% NTSC color space, has a brightness of 300 lumens (ANSI), and a contrast ratio of 5000: 1. The Acer C250i can also serve as a portable battery for charging phones on the go. 5 Watt Bluetooth speakers built into the projector provide best-in-class sound when watching movies or TV shows.


USB Port & Connector

In addition to wirelessly connecting image sources, the Acer C250i also supports transferring audio and video images via the standard HDMI port from a laptop or desktop computer. The USB Type-C and Type-A ports also support receiving video from both smartphones and PCs without installing additional software or drivers. The USB Type-A port provides direct multimedia playback from a USB drive to display incredibly high-quality images without using a PC.


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