Acer Nitro G550


Key features:

  • Luminous flux 2200 lm
  • USB flash drive output
  • DLP projector for home theater
  • The image size from 0.72 to 7.62 m
  • Projector Resolution: 1920×1080 (Full HD)
  • VGA, HDMI, composite, component, audio mini-jack inputs



Acer introduced the Nitro G550 gaming projector. It meets the requirements of modern video game lovers: it has Full HD resolution, a refresh rate of 120 Hz, and a small input delay of 8.3 ms. Also, the device supports several proprietary technologies to improve color quality.


Other Features

With the high refresh rate of 120 Hz, smoothness in competitive games, depending on the high FPS value, is ensured. It allows gamers to track even small objects that move quickly around the screen. Additional features of the projector include Acer Nitro G550 Display Widget utility for intuitive settings, Acer Nitro G550 LumiSense functions for dynamic image correction, and Acer Bluelight Shield for protecting eyesight, a built-in 10 W speaker for watching movies and an optional module for wireless connection.


Image Technology

Acer Nitro G550 is capable of projecting images with Full HD resolution by the HDTV standard Rec. 709. The novelty provides high image clarity in dark scenes and excellent contrast in bright ones. Also, it analyzes each frame in real-time for automatic correction of brightness, contrast, and color reproduction with Dynamic Black technology. Due to this, the image contrast reaches 10,000: 1. The ColorRurity RGBRGB color wheel generates high-quality images with accurate colors.

The cinematic quality achieved by meeting Rec. 709, designed for high definition television. This standard defines the color in the digital field during post-processing. It allows a compatible projector to display the image precisely with the original color correction of the movie or TV show. This G550 is capable of receiving 4K HDR Rec. 2020 and correctly translate it into 1080p resolution. Acer Nitro G550 LumiSense technology performs real-time frame-by-frame analysis of content and provides dynamic adjustment of the image to the optimal level. That way, dark scenes are displayed clearly without loss of detail.



The projector has a special mode that guarantees the perfect picture in games of any genre. In combination with 3D glasses, the projector reproduces 3D content, providing a stereoscopic image using the HDMI 3D interface.



The proprietary ColorBoost3D technology allows the user to prevent dimming and color distortion when viewing 3D and 2D content by enhancing brightness. At the same time, it evens out color saturation and color temperature.


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