Acer P1250B


Key features:

  • USB flash drive output
  • DLP projector for office
  • Built-in speakers: 1 x 10 W
  • Projector Resolution: 1024×768
  • The image size from 0.64 to 7.62 m
  • VGA, HDMI, composite, mini-jack audio inputs



An excellent representative of the category Multimedia projectors. The product is an excellent example of engineering. In its development, the most advanced at the time of the release of technology used. People who invented the design, wrote texts for other specialists, tried to convey the boldest ideas to the future client. Interestingly, in the development process, the best practices of specialists from various countries from different continents were used, because with the help of the Internet the user can communicate from anywhere in the world, which means that all the accumulated knowledge is easily accessible to engineers in any corner of our planet.


Other Features

The Acer P1250B multimedia projector aimed at working with small and medium audiences, so it can be recommended to educational institutions as demonstration equipment when equipping classrooms and lecture halls. Compact dimensions and low weight (a little more than 2 kg) allow the user to move the device from one room to another freely. The presence of all necessary ports and a convenient system of settings will provide a quick and straightforward connection of video equipment or a personal computer.


Image Technology

Equipped with a 10-watt speaker system. The Acer P1250B projector has a high level of brightness (up to 3600 lumens). Good contrast is capable of displaying 30-bit color space, which affects the ability to transmit smooth color transitions most positively. Support for DLP 3D Ready technology provides acceptable 3D image quality.

A relatively inexpensive multimedia projector with a native resolution of 1024×768. Equipped with a DLP-matrix, an optimal image format with an aspect ratio of 4: 3. The manufacturer positioned as an entry-level solution mainly focused on use in small offices and workgroups, as well as for organizing the modern educational process in educational institutions at various levels. It can be successfully applied in school classes, as well as in medium and large classrooms of colleges and universities.



The projection distance can be from 1 m to 12 m, and the size of the projection diagonals from 0.6 to 7.6. Connection to the signal source performed via analog and digital interfaces: VGA D-sub (2 pcs), RCA Composite, HDMI (2 pcs), and USB. The automatic correction of the vertical trapezoid makes the installation and setup of the Acer P1250B as simple as possible. Zooming and focusing performed manually. It has a useful lamp unit resource, which can double with regular use of the economy mode. VGA D-sub (2 pcs), RCA Composite, HDMI (2 pcs), and USB.


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