Acer Predator Z650


Key features:

  • Unique image optimization modes for games
  • Outstanding two-way speaker system for projectors
  • High-quality 3D image without artifacts – 144Hz mode
  • Record lag for projectors display lag (input lag) – 5 ms
  • Rich connectivity to signal sources (including wireless)
  • The ability to broadcast sound to an external speaker wirelessly



The Acer Predator Z650 projector has a FullHD resolution (1920×1080), and it implements three unique image gamma settings. Bright FPS mode optimizes the image gamut for light games, and Dark FPS mode optimizes for dark ones. An automatic mode also provided in which frame-by-frame analysis of the displayed content and adjusting the contrast of the image to the optimal level in real-time performed. The device implements ColorPurity technology, which provides a broad color palette with a rich set of shades to ensure high image clarity. 100% coverage of sRGB color space provided.


Design & Control

The Acer Predator Z650 projector has a stylish design typical of the entire Acer Predator series. The shape of the body is quite conservative, but it distinguishes by relief concentric ‘ribs’ around the lens. In general, the projector looks quite aggressive, including due to the ‘predatory’ logo on the top cover of the case. The package includes a convenient bag for transporting the projector, again with the Predator logo.

The remote control included in the kit cannot call functionally oversaturated, but separate buttons provided for all the basic functions. The remote also has buttons for navigating multi-page menus. Unfortunately, the remote control does not have a backlight, so in the dark, the user will have to determine the correct control buttons by touch (the navigation buttons differ in shape) or turn on the light. The dark color of the buttons exacerbates the situation. The menu is quite simple, although with a not too familiar control of activating an item by pressing the ‘right’ key instead of ‘enter.’ Also, with the richness of the functionality for precise projector color settings, it was a little surprised that there was only one slot for saving custom image settings. Switching to one of the preset modes resets all your settings, and the user can either return to only one of the factory presets or keep your settings written on paper.



Acer Predator Z650 does not require permanent installation on the ceiling mount (although this is possible). It should be portable and could be quickly taken with friends or, for example, for holding a gaming tournament. For the same reason, the Acer Predator Z650 projector equipped with a short-focus lens, which allows the user to set it close to the screen so that it does not interfere with players. For example, from just a distance of just 1.5 meters from the screen, the projector can create an image more full than 2 meters. The short-throw lens of the projector can scale the image but within small limits. The projector can install at a distance from the screen 69 – 76% of the image width. The Acer Predator Z650 has a function for correcting vertical (± 30º) and horizontal (± 30º) keystone distortions with convenient four-angle adjustment, which gives more freedom in choosing the projector’s location relative to the screen.


Wireless & Connections

Removing the top cover of the case, the user will find a special compartment in which the wireless adapter can install. In addition to another HDMI / MHL input, there is a 5V mini USB power cable in this compartment. An optional wireless device (such as a Chromecast Stick) or the original Acer Predator Z650 Wireless HDMI Kit can install in this compartment. The projector has relatively precious switching capabilities. In the basic version, it can connect to almost any source of digital (HDMI / MHL) and analog (VGA, Y / Pb / Pr, S-VIDEO, composite) video.

The optional WirelessHD-Kit enables wireless transmission of up to 1080p signal to the projector. To play sound, the user can use both built-in stereo speakers with a power of 2×10 W with the DTS Sound function, and a Bluetooth transmitter that allows the user to transfer sound to an external speaker system. The sound reproduction problem can solve in two ways. The first one is the use of two built-in projector speakers, each with 10 watts. To call it, speakers somehow do not even turn the tongue – a two-way speaker system of good quality squeezed into the Acer Predator Z650 projector. However, the DTS certification of these speakers can see as nothing more than a marketing ploy.


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