Acer UL5310W


Key features:

  • Ultra-short focus
  • Luminous flux 3600 lm
  • DLP projector for office
  • Built-in speakers: 1 x 10 W
  • Projector Resolution: 1280×800
  • The image size from 2.03 to 3.81 m



The Acer UL5310W DLP business projector with its special ultra-short-distance optics and the laser as the light source is ideal for meeting rooms or classrooms. The laser guarantees the longest possible service life without maintenance, and a brilliant display of all colors and images. Added to this is the ultra-short distance optimization, which minimizes the installation effort and enables the user to move freely without being blinded or casting a shadow on the projection.


Other Features

The business projector projects an image with a diagonal of more than 2 meters onto the wall from only 43 cm. In the wide assortment of the categories TV, Photo, Video, Audio, the user will find not only Acer UL5310W but also other electrical equipment for your home, office space, industrial buildings, etc.


Image Technology

Acer projectors for education show a bright, large image, no matter how far away from others are from the screen. That is why others are ideal for classrooms and any small rooms. High-resolution projectors deliver crisp images even on large screens, and color enhancement features make your presentations brighter. With such a clear and vivid projection, even the most complex presentations will be easier to understand my colleagues, clients, or students. The combination of high resolution and realistic image display on Acer professional projectors allows the user to present your ideas vividly.

Projectors from the Acer Education series display large and clear images from long distances and very close gaps. To this, others are ideal for use in educational institutions and all small rooms. High resolution provides a clear and detailed image on the big screen, and color enhancement options guarantee vivid colors. Attention should pay to the quality of the main components, reliability, durability, and quality on the Acer UL5310W – MR.JQZ11.005 in general. The brand has proven itself for many years only on the positive side and boasts high quality on TV, Photo, Video, Audio, and Acer UL5310W – MR.JQZ11.005.


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