Acer V9800


Key features:

  • VGA, HDMI inputs
  • Luminous flux 2200 lm
  • DLP projector for home theater
  • Projector Resolution: 3840×2160
  • The image size from 2.41 to 4.57 m
  • 2160p single-chip DLP UHD projector



The Acer V9800 is the 4K Projector with a 4K 2K resolution, perfect for home cinema. With the Acer V9800, the first 4K Projector is now moving into the Acer projector range. Of course, it primarily intended for home cinema use. However, with the 4K2K resolution, it also opens the doors for use in the business sector. Since the 4K topic is now picking up speed.



The projector body’s external panels are made mainly of plastic with a black semi-matte finish with small silver splashes. The front panel made of black plastic without coating with a matte or mirror-smooth surface. The back panel made of black plastic with a matte surface and with a small relief pattern. The lens niche and the rings on it made of plastic with a matte silver finish. The design is symmetrical – the axis of the lens aligned with the longitudinal axis of the Acer V9800 body – which is pleasant from an aesthetic point of view and somewhat facilitates the installation of the Projector.


Menu & Localization

The menu is strict, and it has a predominantly black-gray-yellow design. The font of the menu is small, and it is too dense, besides the labels are not contrasting, gray. As a result, the readability of the menu is low. There are a lot of settings. Navigation is convenient. The bottom line contains a hint for the functions of the buttons. When setting some parameters that affect the image, a minimum of the information displayed on the screen – only the name of the setting, the slider, and the current value, which facilitates the assessment of the changes made to the image (the white box below is the entire image output area).


Projection Control & Communication

The image focused on the screen by rotating the ribbed ring on the lens, and the focal length is adjusted by the lever nearby. Two knobs behind the hinged lid on the top panel allow the user to shift the borders of the projection so that the picture moves a maximum of 65% of the projection height up and down vertically and 27% of the projection width to the right and left horizontally. The gates are tight, and they can only rotate slowly, holding with two fingers. To facilitate projection adjustment, the user can use the Pattern button on the remote control or display a test pattern from the menu.

The Acer V9800 Projector equipped with two HDMI inputs and a single analog video input – VGA. HDMI inputs are not equal, HDMI 1 has version 2.0 and supports HDCP 2.2. From a practical point, this means that it helps not just a 4K video signal, but also with the highest possible color clarity at a frequency of 60 frames / s. Switching between sources is carried out using the Source button on the projector cabinet or the remote control or three direct selection buttons on the remote control. There is a disconnectable function of the automatic search for active input. It stated that the Acer V9800 Projector could communicate via CEC protocol with equipment connected via HDMI, while synchronous on and off should be supported. The Mini-USB Type B connector used for service purposes. For remote monitoring and control, the user can use the RS-232C interfaces (on the CD-ROM, there is a table with commands) and Ethernet.



There are six modes of geometric transformation. The first four are enough to display pictures with a typical or initial aspect ratio on a 16: 9 screen. Another one designed to perform the necessary transformation in the case of using the optional anamorphic nozzle (lens). The latter involves the automatic selection of the change. A separate setting affects the cropping of the edges. It allows the user to enlarge the picture slightly so that the original image around the perimeter goes beyond the projection area.


PBP Mode

There is a dual picture-in-picture (PIP) and picture-by-picture-by-picture (PBP) function. In the case of PBP, the screen is divided into two equal areas on the right and left. Each image displayed with filling the entire area without preserving the original proportions. In PIP mode, an additional window in one of the four corners of the screen is optionally displayed in one of two sizes, apparently with the original proportions preserved.


Power On/Off

There is a function to turn on when power supplied automatically, a timer to turn off when there is no signal, a shutdown mode with two minutes of standby, during which the ability to turn on quickly retained.


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