Acer X138WH


Key features:

  • 3D support
  • USB flash drive output
  • DLP projector for office
  • built-in speakers: 1 x 3 W
  • Projector Resolution: 1280×800
  • The image size from 0.76 to 7.62 m



The Acer X138WH Universal Projector is the ideal solution for regular use, both in the office and at home. With this device, presentations will be even more vivid and memorable. Use for entertainment purposes will deliver a lot of positive emotions with the support of the DLP 3D Ready system. High-brightness multimedia projector with a native resolution of, built-in speaker and affordable price. The manufacturer positioned as the most affordable mid-range product intended for use in business, educational institutions, budget home cinemas, and personal electronic entertainment centers.


Image Technology

The technology-based on a DMD matrix. Its difference lies in the presence of a huge number of microscopic mirrors concentrated on the chip. Together they form an immaculate and smooth picture with good contrast. Such projectors require almost no maintenance, so their maintenance has a minimum price. High contrast and brightness, and Acer Color Technology deliver outstanding picture quality. These factors contribute to a clearer and more colorful display of text, images. The quality of reproduced 3D-video materials will also be at a high level.

The luminous flux of 3700 ANSI allows the Acer X138WH to give clear, contrasting, color-rich images in rooms with good artificial lighting. In the shaded conditions of a home theater, such brightness is excessive, making it possible to use the ECO mode, which increases the declared resource from 4000 hours to 6000 hours. Also, in ECO mode, the cooling fan’s noise is significantly reduced, which is essential when operating at home. The high frame rate (120 Hz), allows the users to display the ‘active’ 3D-video (DLP 3D Ready technology). The Acer X138WH is easy to set up and allows the users to correct vertical distortion, such as ‘trapezoid.’ It differs from other models of the same price category in high brightness, provided by a P-VIP-type lamp.


Convenient Setup

Video projectors of this series characterized by convenient management and setup. On the top panel of the device, there is a panel with 9 keys, which quickly set the optimal parameters for projecting images. Several options for mounting the Acer X138WH projector on the ceiling make it convenient to place it.


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