Acer X1525i


Key features:

  • 3D Supported
  • DLP projection system
  • Brightness in standard mode is up to 3500 lm
  • Minimum and Maximum projection distance is 1m, 9.30m
  • Vertical & Horizontal keystone correction is -30 ° / + 30 °
  • Minimum and Maximum focal length is 20.40mm, 24.48mm



The Acer X1525i Wi-Fi Projector (MR.JRD11.001) is excellent in price/quality ratio. Take care of the user and offer high-quality, official goods, with a guarantee from the manufacturer and delivery in Baku. The Acer Projector X1525i Wi-Fi Projector (MR.JRD11.001) will delight the user with its quality and design. Projections, reliable and intuitive.



If the user is looking for a bright full HD projector ACER X1525i model is for the user. This device is both DLP and HDMI 3D. It is vibrant in terms of connections. It has a 2-watt speaker and audio inputs. It has 20 thousand contrast and 15 thousand hours of the lamp. The case color is white. The lens construction aligned near the middle. The fan compartment is to the right of the lens. Thus, the air warmed in the projector is thrown from the front, and nobody is disturbed. As the user knows, DLP projectors are famous for their quiet operation. Although x1525i is a 3500 lumens projection machine, it will gain your appreciation with its natural process.


Image Technology

The Acer X1525i video projector has a Full HD resolution in native 16: 9 format as well as a beautiful brightness of 3500 Lumens. This model perfectly meets the needs of professional presentations and has high-performance technologies to provide the user with a quality image. Ready for 3D content and with extensive connectivity, the X1525i is ideal for captivating your audience. Also, it comes with a Wireless adapter that opens the way to wireless.

Acer LumiSense integrates a creative process taking into account the content. It analyzes the projected content image by image and dynamically adjusts the image’s visibility to optimal levels. Thus all the dark scenes are displayed without loss of detail. Protect your eyes from the unnecessary effort by using Acer Blue Light Shield technology. Each level of blue light filters contains a dynamic mechanism to optimize the level of blue light, depending on the content. Bluelight shield can reduce up to 30% blue light.


Wireless Connection

By pairing the Acer wireless adapter with the projector, project easily from your smartphone, laptop, or PC. Miracast support enables fast and transparent mirroring without installing additional applications. In addition to viewing via an HDMI or VGA cable, it is possible to use the USB port with your smartphone and tablet. The image can be displayed directly via a USB cable from an Android / iOS device. The user can bring the presentation file via your mobile and easily share it on the big screen.


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