Key features:

  • Built-in 10W amplifier and 1 speaker
  • Control and monitoring capability over a wired network
  • Inorganic LCD triple panel system for natural vibrant colors
  • Compatible with input resolutions up-to UXGA and WUXGA
  • Motorized lens shift in vertical ± 60% and horizontal ± 30% axes
  • HDMI with MHL displays HD video from smartphones and tablets



The EIKI EK-511W designed for use in the education and corporate sector. The EK-511W supports you with a variety of innovative functions. This video projector uses an LCD imaging unit. EIKI usually uses this LCD technology to create the best image quality. The EIKI EK-511W equipped with just such an LCD module, which provides excellent image quality combined with high color rendering. EIKI EK-511W installation projectors with 7500 Lumen luminous flux and real WXGA resolution. This EIKI EK-511W video projector has a 16:10 aspect ratio most suitable for Installation projectors and has a WXGA resolution.


Flexible Installation

It has the rich functionality of the video projector, such as the Lens Shift function with vertical and horizontal adjustment, and correcting keystone distortion. As for the last feature, we especially note that not all models of digital projectors have such functionality. It has the video projector lamp’s long service life in both standard and ECO modes – up to 4000 hours.



With the great features, it comes with the new MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) digital input. This feature makes the EIKI EK-511W a very convenient projector to work with and indispensable for meetings – to its ability to display WXGA HD video from mobile phones and tablets. The availability of all types of video inputs undoubtedly provides the video projector’s best versatility when reproducing different signal sources. The EIKI EK-511W also adds convenience to the operation of the video projector with a zoom lens.


Connectivity & Control

The new EIKI EK-511W Installation Projectors provide a wide range of features that now business users need. With HDMI compatibility with MHL, you can easily play, for example, a PowerPoint lecture from their smartphone to the EIKI EK-511W projector. This projector’s quality significantly reduces the amount of equipment that the speaker often brings to the lecture.

By connecting the EIKI EK-511W to a wide variety of video sources, this native WXGA video projector can also handle input signals from VGA to WUXGA. The EIKI EK-511W projector makes it easy to connect to various devices through its remote setting system. You will also be pleased with the support of this series of video projectors with the Crestron RoomView control system and the ability to operate the video projector with AMX remote switching equipment.


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