Epson EB-680Wi


Key features:

  • Stock brightness 3200 lumens
  • Reproduction up to 1 billion colors
  • Support for optional Wi-Fi adapter
  • The ability to connect a document camera
  • Interactive ultra-short-focus WXGA video projector
  • Optimal for educational purposes in small audiences



Epson EB-680Wi is an interactive, ultra -short-focus WXGA projector based on 3LCD technology, designed for educational purposes in small audiences. The device equipped with a high-quality lamp with a large margin of life, which provides brightness. Also, the Epson EB-680Wi projector has a reasonably large number of projection options, due to which it can work in a variety of conditions. Management can be carried out both through the remote control and from the dashboard of the device. In addition, there is support for wireless data transmission using the optional Wi-Fi module, which is purchased separately.


Image Technology

The equally high white and color brightness with the Epson EB-680Wi 3LCD technology ensures that the projector provide vivid, natural colors even in daylight. They are also up to three times brighter than comparable projectors from other manufacturers1. With a screen size of up to 100 inches (2.54 m), two data sources can be displayed side by side with the split-screen function without compromising quality.


Finger Touch Function & Two Pens

Use gesture control to make annotations directly on the projected image. Epson interactive pens are now more sensitive and easier to use. With the two new pens, teachers and students can write on the screen simultaneously using different attributes.


Interaction Promotes Learning

Multi-PC projection software for multiple computers enables teachers, lecturers, pupils, and students to use content simultaneously. With the moderator function, teachers can control the presentation of the material. You can also combine two projectors to create a larger interactive display. With the split-screen function, you can display two separate types of content simultaneously – e.g., B, a course schedule from a PC, and a picture or video clip from a document camera.


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