Optoma EH416


Key features:

  • The image size from 0.67 to 7.7 m
  • Exceptional image quality, high brightness
  • Bright 1080p projector – 4200 ANSI lumens
  • Lots of mounting options – vertical lens shift and 1.6x zoom
  • Connectivity with HDMI, VGA, MHL and built-in 10W speaker
  • Compatible with Crestron, Extron, AMX, PJ-Link and Telnet LAN



The Optoma EH416 is a bright Full HD business projector that is simultaneously over with its vertical lens shift, and 1.6 times zoom good installation options. The compact and powerful EH416 is suitable for both purposes and small edge blending and stacking projects. It is primarily aimed at business customers and has implemented many control options. These include Crestron, Extron, AMX, PJ-Link and Telnet LAN commands that the projector accepts. In combination with its Full HD resolution and the 4,200 lumens, it produces bright and sharp images in rooms that not entirely darkened. The second HDMI The input is MHL-compatible and therefore allows simple playback from an MHL-compatible smartphone or tablet.



As a modern installation projector, the Optoma EH416 has a vertical lens shift function (+ 17% vertical), which is extremely helpful. A wide range of placement options allowed. With the Lens Shift Function, it is easier to position the projector in because it offers a more excellent range of placement options. The broad zoom range (1.6x) is worth mentioning in this context. It allows a variety of placement options, with different distances from the projection screen.


Image Technology

The Optoma EH416 is Full 3D capable. It means that 3D content can play with a corresponding 3D player. Typical players include 3D game consoles, 3D Blu-ray players and 3D SAT/receivers for3D Television broadcasts. The repetition frequency is 144 Hz and ensures a smooth and smooth reproduction of the picture.

The Optoma EH416 offers Full HD resolution with 1920 x 1080 pixels at a native 16: 9 format. Its high light output is 4,200 lumens. It can, therefore, used in large rooms that not wholly darkened. Its tuned contrast of 20,000: 1 ensures an excellent display of tables and texts that often presented in the business area. A high contrast value is still responsible for image depth. The Optoma EH416 works with BrilliantColor Multi-Color Processing Technology and delivers natural colors. The Optoma EH416 test showed it.



The Optoma EH416 conveniently positioned for the connections. It has the following connections: 2 HDMI (1.4a 3D support) + MHL v2.2, VGA (YPbPr / RGB), Composite, 2 x audio in 3.5mm, VGA out, audio out 3.5mm, RS232, RJ45, USB-A Power and USB mouse / service. The USB-A power interface can serve as a power supply for optional devices such as the Google Chromecast, which requires an additional powered one. Worth mentioning is the MHL ability in one of the HDMI Entrances. With a corresponding MHL-capable smartphone or tablet from the second.


Wireless Connection

Full HD 1080p 3D streaming video to the projector can be wirelessly connected. No additional cables are required, which will significantly reduce switching costs. Optoma’s Wireless HDMI System designed to connect to a Blu-Ray projector or TV receiver instantly.



The projector supports a variety of RS232 Commands on control commands and can be conveniently controlled decentrally. Of course, it is practical for administrators when it comes to managing multiple devices at the same time. The AMX compatibility is realized by the built-in Dynamic Discovery protocol, for installations with the AMX control system. The configuration then takes place via the web interface of a conventional browser. There are hardly any limits to the number of projects that can control simultaneously: up to 250 projectors can be switched on and off simultaneously from one PC.


Energy Saving

Energy consumption can reduce by up to 70%. This feature extends lamp life while lowering your total cost of ownership and operating costs. If the projector is left-hand on but not in use, it will shut down automatically if it does not receive an external signal for a set period. This feature helps to reduce energy costs.


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