Panasonic PT-DW750BE


Key features:

  • The luminous flux is 7000 lumens
  • Optical lens shift simplifies projector installation
  • Component video (RGBHV) for high image quality
  • Ability to adjust the correct geometry of the image
  • Ability to monitor and control the projector over a network
  • The presence of a DVI connector, which transmits the video signal



The Panasonic PT-DW750BE multimedia projector has a luminous flux of 7000 lumens, which allows you to get a large, bright image even in conditions where it is not possible to darken the audience completely. It is especially important when, in the process of the speaker’s speech, it is necessary to make some notes or make notes. The Panasonic PT-DW750BE projector equipped with a two-lamp system, which guarantees uninterrupted operation during the presentation, since, in any case, one lamp will work, and you will not lose the picture. The Panasonic PT-DW750BE projector has a low noise level due to a well-thought-out unique liquid cooling system.



A large number of optional lenses allow you to position the Panasonic PT-DW750BE projector at a distance that suits your room’s architectural possibilities. The lens is in the center, which also simplifies the installation of the projector. Changing the lamp is very simple and accessible to the user.


Image Technology

Resolution WXGA (1280×800) allows you to display images in 16:10 format. The combination of Vivid Color Control technology, dynamic color rendition (RGB Booster), and luminous flux modulation system allows us to achieve a unique image quality. Each frame is analyzed, and the light output of the lamp is adjusted depending on the video series and ambient lighting conditions.

The Panasonic PT-DW750BE projector supports DICOM technology, which allows displaying X-ray images on a large screen and recommends for use in medical universities’ educational processes. It is possible to adjust the level of black and white colors in the projectors of this series using the video signal management’s monitoring function. The 3D Color Management function allows you to reproduce natural and accurate colors close to the original, even on a large screen.


Energy Saving

High-performance lamps with up to 4000 hours of lamp life used to extend the lifespan, which is a lot for a projector with this brightness. And when operating in economy mode with two lamps, the luminous flux will be 5600 lumens, but the service life will increase to 6000 hours. It is possible to use in the mode of operation of one lamp. The luminous flux will be 3500 lumens, and the service life will be 8000 hours.



The DIGITAL LINK presence allows you to transmit content over twisted pair over a distance of 150 meters, which significantly simplifies the switching system when placing the Panasonic PT-DW750BE projector in a hard-to-reach place. Panasonic PT-DW750BE is very convenient for installation and adjustment due to the presence of vertical and horizontal optical shift of the lens, motorized lens, the possibility of installation at an angle of 360 degrees in the vertical plane, control from the remote control. Adjustment of geometry at four corners and the possibility of projection onto spherical surfaces make it possible to implement any complexity project.



A wide range of interface connections will suit all your needs. There are HDMI and DVI-D inputs for digital signals, analog VGA and component 5xBNC connectors, RJ-45 for LAN and DIGITAL LINK, RS-232, information, and output for connecting a wired remote control. You can control the functioning of the projector remotely via the local network. In addition to all of the above, you can control the Panasonic PT-DW750BE projector from the remote control up to 30 meters away, OSD menu in 10 languages, anti-theft logo, low power consumption in standby mode.


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