Panasonic PT-LB423


Key features:

  • Anchor to quickly secure the projector from theft
  • Blackboard mode for projection on a colored background
  • Long Lamp Life and filter usage (Eco2 up to 10,000 hours)
  • Cooling of the lamp when the power cable is disconnected
  • PC-less presentation from USB-Stick (images and PDF files)
  • DaylightView: Adjustment of the brightness to the ambient light



The Panasonic PT-LB423 projector equipped with a long-lasting lamp that does not require replacement, and a filter with an extended replacement interval of up to 10,000 hours. The Panasonic PT-LB423 projector have a quick setup, wireless projection, and lightweight of about 3 kg. It is suitable for use in classrooms, kindergartens, small classrooms of higher education institutions, office meeting rooms. Aspect ratio 4: 3. Recommended for use with personal computers and workstations that support this permission.


Image Technology

The Daylight-View-Lite function activated via the remote control. It offers a user-friendly and high level of viewing comfort for presentations and lectures in bright rooms. It provides a user-friendly and high level of viewing pleasure for presentations and speeches in bright rooms. That quietly Operating noise from only 28 dB helps the audience to concentrate on the discussion or the images on the screen even in a quiet environment.



For a wireless projection of Windows PCs, iOS devices, or Android devices with the appropriate freeware, use the optional WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESSModule ET-WML100 to the USB-Port the projector. The USB-Display-Function outputs picture and sound from the computer without installing any special software. Connect the laptop to the with a USB cable USB-Connect the projector to and start your presentation.

The numerous interfaces include HDMI Input, two RGB computer inputs, one RGB monitor output, one LAN connection, and one serial connection (RS-232C) for external control. With this equipment, a wide variety of system architectures for mobile use or Ceiling mounting supported. In the color board and school blackboard mode (green), the color adjusted to enable high-quality projection even in rooms without a screen. 10 W loudspeakers for audio playback directly from the projector This portable Panasonic PT-LB423 projector have a powerful 10 W loudspeaker that can produce a high output even without external loudspeakers volume reached.


File Viewer

Images and individual documents, including PDF files, can be projected. A live camera mode and a comment mode are also available. Images from up to four devices can display simultaneously. In addition to JPEG / BMP image files and text files, PDF files can be projected simply by connecting a USB storage medium with the relevant data to the USB Connect the port. Start your presentation immediately without a computer connection.



The lamp can replace from the top, and the air filter can return from the side of the projector for ease of maintenance. It means that the headlamp does not have to remove from the ceiling bracket.


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