Ricoh PJ X2440


Key features:

  • The image size from 0.76 to 7.62 m
  • Simple connection options with HDMI and MHL
  • Ideal for boardrooms, meeting rooms and classrooms
  • Compact and light with 2.6 kg and a sophisticated look
  • The brightness of 3,000 lm and higher contrast (10,000: 1)
  • Excellent image resolution and one Lamp life from 5,000 h



The Ricoh PJ X2440 is swift to set up and easy to use. This compact and reliable XGA projector is ideal for meeting rooms and classrooms. With both of them, HDMI Connections, one of which supports MHL, allows you to mirror smartphones and tablets onto the projector directly. With a brightness of 3,000 lumens, the WXGA resolution, and one contrast of 10,000: 1, this projector impresses excellent colors, image, and text clarity. The Ricoh PJ X2440 is an adjustable, intuitive projector. Its unique design makes it an attractive addition to any environment. With its weight of only 2.6 kg, it is light and compact. Through the Lamp life of up to 5,000 hours, it is a robust, reliable solution for meeting rooms and classrooms.


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