Sony VPL-FHZ60


Key features:

  • 5,000 ANSI lumens
  • 20,000 hours of run time
  • Z-phosphor laser light source
  • 3LCD projector for installations
  • WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution
  • VGA, DVI, HDMI, composite, audio mini-jack inputs



The Sony VPL-FHZ60 laser projector is ideal for educational, commercial, and entertainment applications. The authoritative Z-Phosphor laser light source is paired with Sony’s 3LCD BrightEra projection engine to produce detailed WUXGA images with 5000 lumens brightness and vibrant, rich colors. Constant Brightness maintains the same brightness level throughout the 20,000 hours recommended operating life.

Sony VPL-FHZ60 ProjectorSony VPL-FHZ60 Projector

Laser Light Source & Installation

The laser light source delivers 20,000 operating hours with virtually no maintenance or unexpected lamp failures. The new automatic filter system eliminates the need for regular filter dust cleaning. Significantly reduced maintenance requirements complemented by several features that provide lower power consumption, resulting in a low total value of ownership over the entire life cycle. Stylish new design to suit any space, no need to worry about wires and low fan noise: the Sony VPL-FHZ60 is suitable for use in all areas and industries – in educational institutions, offices, hospitals, and government organizations, as well as in retail and entertainment centers. The ability to seamlessly blend images generated by multiple projectors on extra-large projection surfaces, including the absence of geometric distortion on non-planar surfaces.

The Sony VPL-FHZ60 projector can install at any angle – even on its side or upside-down—easy setup with a new easy-to-understand menu. With the combination of lens-shift, 1.6 times motorized zoom, and the keystone function, the Sony VPL-FHZ60 projector has various setup options. The vertical (+ 60% -5%) and horizontal (+/- 32%)Lens Shift Function allows for various distances and positions. To the Lens shift Function’s versatile adjustment options, you can attach the Sony VPL-FHZ60 projector almost anywhere: close to the ceiling or even horizontally. During installation, any inclined positions are compensated for by keystone correction (vertical +/- 30 ° and horizontal +/- 30 °).

Please note that excessive use of keystone correction will worsen the image as it is a digital correction. The Sony VPL-FHZ60 projector has a wide range of tools available for a project, such as an edge blending, in which images seamlessly generated with multiple projectors. Two images can also be created simultaneously side by side via the two inputs. This function is ideal, for example, for video conferencing and medical courses where two images are to be displayed simultaneously. Even projections on uneven surfaces with image warping are no problem for the projector because the image geometry can adjust for concave and convex surfaces. The adjustment dose via the included remote control and the on-screen menus.


Image Technology

Technology and the WUXGA resolution sharp and detailed picture. The 5,000 ANSI lumens of light output make it ideal for installations in larger rooms. With the WUXGA, the Full HD area also covered so that additional information can display at the top or bottom of the screen. The high light brightness of up to 5,000 ANSI lumens is in the ‘High’ mode (4,000 ANSI lumens in EcoMode) is achieved in the ‘High’ mode. Combining the particular Z-phosphor laser light source and the proven BrightEra 3LCD projector engine creates a perfect picture.



With the HDBaseT function, video, audio, and control data can transmit over a LAN cable up to 100 meters. Videos are with a Full HD resolution transmitted uncompressed and smoothly. It is advantageous if the Sony VPL-FHZ60 projector is already in a network. The Sony VPL-FHZ60 conveniently positioned for the connections. It offers the following interfaces: 1 HDMI in, 1 x DVI-D with HDCP in, 1 x D-sub 15pin in and out, 1 x BNC Video In, 1 x Mini Jack Audio in and out, 1 x RS232C Din 9 pin in, 1 x RJ45 with HDBaseT in and the 5V trigger out.


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