Viewsonic PRO9800WUL


Key features:

  • Optical zoom 1.7x
  • WUXGA Resolution
  • Brightness 5500 ANSI Lumens
  • Support for 360-degree projection
  • VGA, DVI, HDMI, RGB (BNC), S-Video
  • Vertical and horizontal keystone correction



The Viewsonic PRO9800WUL Stackable 360-degree Projector is a one-stop solution for professional solutions and creative installations. The Viewsonic PRO9800WUL centered lens projector has WUXGA resolution and 5,500 lumens brightness. It supports a more extensive range of adjustments, including vertical and horizontal lens shifts, optical zoom (factor 1.7), flat, vertical, four-corner keystone correction, and 12 -volt switch.


Other Features

In addition, the Viewsonic PRO9800WUL projector offers a variety of installation options. The Viewsonic PRO9800WUL projector is highly reliable to the features such as improved optics in a sealed enclosure, a lamp with a safety net, and a curved air filter. These features contribute to the projector’s high reliability and protect it from damage caused by regular use. Support for SuperColor technology guarantees stunning color reproduction and the highest contrast.

Ease of management ensured by the auto power-on function, remote control from mobile devices (via the remote app), and network controls. The Viewsonic PRO9800WUL is the ideal projector for fixed installations and large venues. The Viewsonic PRO9800WUL projector is free to rotate vertically to any angle, making it easy to create creative installations. The automatic ventilation system removes heat efficiently by rotating the exhaust port according to the edge the projector turned. Substantial and prolonged use of the Viewsonic PRO9800WUL projector may cause the lamp to overheat. In some cases, this leads to cracking of its glass part. The Viewsonic PRO9800WUL mesh coating protects the projector from internal damage caused by lamp cracking.


Image Technology

ViewSonic’s SuperColor technology supports a more extensive color range than traditional DLP projectors for more accurate and true-to-life color reproduction. With a unique color wheel design and dynamic lamp control, SuperColor technology can project images with crisp, true-to-life colors in bright and dark environments without compromising image quality. Five unique viewing modes provide an optimal visual experience regardless of the ambient brightness.

WUXGA resolution significantly outperforms Full HD, creating an expansive viewing area suitable for presenting engineering diagrams, Excel spreadsheets, and other professional content. The stacking function allows this projector to use in large venues – stack two projectors one on the other’s peak to double the brightness of your image. Built-in mounting holes on the top of the projector make installation a breeze – no need to read documentation or purchase additional mounts.


Wireless Connection

ViewSonic Wireless ViewSync is a powerful and compact adapter that enables 1080p projection of multimedia content and documents from mobile devices.



The improved curved air filter captures much more dust than flat-surface air filters. In addition, it significantly increases the life of the device. This filter’s rounded shape and increased surface area effectively trap dirt and small particles, keeping the interior of the projector clean.



HDBT technology is a cost-effective solution for uncompressed ultra-high-definition audio and video, 100BaseT Ethernet network signal, and infrared control signals. It also allows devices to be powered using a Category 5e, 6, or 7 network cable up to 70 meters. This technology is noticeably ahead of HDMI in all respects.

ViewSonic HDBT Adapter for PortAll bay based on HDBT technology for stable signal transmission over long distances. It even transmits 4K signals up to 35 meters over a Category 5e, 6, or 7 network cable, making it a great alternative to HDMI. The Viewsonic PRO9800WUL projector supports a variety of multimedia signal sources and output displays and is also capable of receiving control signals used to control remote multimedia devices. Over time, the power cable may come out of the socket. If the projector mounted on a ceiling, it might not be easy to restore the connection tightness. The cable retainer is a simple connector mechanism that holds the cable securely and prevents accidental disconnection.



Horizontal and vertical keystone correction corrects distortion and distortion to keep the image perfectly proportioned at all times. In addition, the automatic vertical keystone correction function improves the usability of the unit by making it easier to set up the projector and position the image. With a 1.7x optical zoom lens, this Viewsonic PRO9800WUL projector has an extended throw range for optimum mounting distance.

The zoom lens can project 70% larger images than a conventional fixed focal lens projector. The centered lens position makes it easier to center the projector and dramatically simplifies setup. You do not have to guess the optimal parameters and deal with painstaking rearrangement of surrounding objects. The projector’s built-in 12-volt switch (sold separately) allows you to raise and lower the motorized screen before each presentation.


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