LG G Watch Style

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Key features:

  • Android Wear OS 2.1
  • 46g, 10.8mm thickness
  • 240mAh Li-Ion battery
  • 4GB Storage, 512MB RAM
  • Released 2017, February
  • 1.2″, 360×360 pixels resolution

LG G Watch Style price in Pakistan
LG G Watch Style price in Pakistan is Rs.24,000. This price could be fluctuated depending on the area of your purchase and price could be lower if buying the product without the warranty.

  • Retail Price of LG G Watch Style price in Pakistan is Rs.24,000.
  • Retail Price of LG G Watch Style in USD is $235.
LG G Watch Style-1.jpgLG G Watch Style-1.jpg

Style All Around

LG Watch Style was originally launched as a dual-purpose attack Android Wear 2.0 with LG Watch Sport. These two wearing devices are bright lights that demonstrate the new Google operating system. As its name suggests, it is more style-oriented in both models, sacrificing some sports sensors that large brothers and sisters see, including smaller batteries.

LG Watch Style (created in collaboration with Google) offers everything you need for the best Android Wear smartwatch, to abandon the terrible abortions, and then fill in the blanks with new, useful functions and lots of … styles.
Having turned all this, you left a beautiful presentation, which puts serious arguments in favor of the platform of Google. But here are some familiar wrinkles.

LG G Watch Style-4.jpgLG G Watch Style-4.jpg

Easy Comm. Easy Go.

Compared with the 1.38-inch Watch Sports display, the LG Watch Style offers a smaller 1.2-inch OLED display that delivers crisp text thanks to its excellent resolution.
With automatic brightness setting, this is not as strong as some of the OLED screens we saw, for example, the Apple Watch 2 screen. However, moving it to full brightness in the settings, you will get a vibrant and bright reception to demonstrate the vibrant colors of the package. This is not necessary, mainly because the battery life depends, and the automatic brightness setting is well controlled, but if you like it, it will give you a good boost.

In most cases, the case is 316L stainless steel, except for the plastic base, which may need to be added for wireless charging. Stylized on the thin side of the Android Wear, the multi-level design makes it even more enjoyable and enjoyable.
The button on the right side of the watch is aesthetically pleasing and tactile, giving a sense of premium quality. It can also be used as a scroll wheel for Apple Watch, which is more useful than I thought. The edges of buttons also have small kinda grooves so that your fingers do not slide while they roll. In general, the watch looks great on the wrist.

LG G Watch Style-0.jpgLG G Watch Style-0.jpg

Get Back on Track.

LG Watch Style works on the platform of Qualcomms Wear 2100, as well as Watch Sport, but it has less RAM and less capacity. Although memory is reduced, the operation is smooth and smooth, and when switching between various functions and functions, there is no stuttering. However, notifications are sometimes a bit slow.

Battery life is not the best: the style will allow us to spend a working day, but rarely spend the whole night. This means that you must charge your watch style every night, sometimes even at noon in the afternoon, especially if you want to wear it in the middle of the night. This is our past expectation for smartwatches, but now their number is 24 hours longer than that of the Huawei Watch 2 Sport.
Fortunately, the charging style is simple. This is the case when the watch is connected to the charger, without any problems, it takes several hours to charge the plug fully.

LG G Watch Style-2.jpgLG G Watch Style-2.jpg

A classic timepiece

LG Watch Style was first released simultaneously with the release of Google Android Wear 2.0 to demonstrate new features in the updated platform, although it is now available for most new products. Compared to the previous iteration, Android Wear 2.0 has significantly improved, providing more independence, allowing users to install applications directly on their watches. In short, the second generation of Wear no longer feels that the software is a weak link – this is what we talked about some early smartwatches.

The turn control in the style of the clock is also superb. Click once to open the application menu and display a circular icon around the display. Then rotate the head to scroll them (you can save your favorite applications at the top of the list) for easy access to the most popular apps – its more dynamic than the old flat record.
A long press on Crown will launch Google Assistant, where you can find help in solving various tasks, such as directions or agendas.

LG G Watch Style-3.jpgLG G Watch Style-3.jpg

Under its exterior lies innovation.

Although LG Watch Style does not break many barriers regarding specifications (except for the new chipset), it does not provide reliable experience throughout the process. The style is a special nod that can handle more tasks regardless of the paired phone, which is a new skill given by Android Wear 2.0.
This freedom allows you to run your own apps through the new Google Play store thats integrated into your watch; send messages via emoji, voice or napkin keyboard; play with superficial complications – its the singers valley Watch OS Endless entertainment and full of potential add-ons. And these are just some new tricks.



Dimensions:42.3 x 45.7 x 10.79mm
Display Type:AMOLED
Colors:Silver, Rose gold
Multitouch:Yes Muti -Touch


OS:Android Wear
Processor:Qualcomm SnapDragon Wear 2100 (MSM8909W)
RAM:512 MB
Internal Storage:4 GB


Bluetooth:Bluetooth 4.1 LE


Capacity:Li-Ion 240 mAh battery
Talk Time:N/A
Charging Technology:Magnetic Charging Cradle


Sensors:Accelerometer; Ambient Light; gyroscope;
Water resistant:N/A
Strap Compatibility:-
OS Compatibility:Android and iOS


Certified:IP67 Water Resistant and DustProof
Inside Package:LG Watch Style, Magnetic Charging Cradle, User Manual


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