DJI Inspire 2 Standard Combo


Key features:

  • Maximum flight altitude – 5000 m
  • Maximum climbing speed – 21 km / h
  • Maximum descent speed – 14 – 32 km / h
  • Wind speed resistance – 10 m / s
  • GPS accuracy with visual monitoring system on – vertical: 0.1 m, horizontal: 0.3
  • Propeller Model – DJI 1550T
  • The transmitter has USB / Mini-HDMI outputs for connecting a monitor or tablet.

1- intro1- intro


DJI Inspire 2 is a brand new professional film and television aerial drone, suitable for high-end film and video creators. It will become a new benchmark for a professional aerial drone. DJI INSPIRE 2 adopts a new image processing platform and can record up to 5.2K Cinem aDNG / RAW and Apple PreRes video. The power system is sufficiently improved.

2- design2- design

Design & Features

The new Inspire 2, holds the 15-inch propellers, which form a powerful propulsion system that provides increased speed and acceleration. The finely tuned power plant, redesigned motors with a 3° camber for more stable tilt, wind resistance, stabilization, and many other systems have been improved so that the Inspire 2 can achieve an incredible horizontal flight speed of 94km/h and a descent speed of9m/s. With such capabilities, control over the flight should not only be excellent, but flawless, which is ensured by a variety of intelligent modes and drone settings in the DJI GO application.

Inspire 2 is equipped with a set of additional modules for the navigation system, barometers, and compasses. Due to this, if the system detects certain malfunctions or errors in the operation of the primary devices, it automatically switches to the spare unit. The reinsurance system was received by the signal transmission system, which was strengthened by a dual interface of the control panel and communication of the regulators. In case of loss of the main signal, control of the drone will perform through the spare channel.

3- camera3- camera

Camera & Image Quality

Equipping the aircraft with modern DJI Lightbridge communication technology allows you to transmit video in the extension of 1080p/720p up to a distance of 7km if the FCC standard is met, and there are no obstacles. This is equally true for both the main and course cameras. An advanced video broadcasting system allows you to transfer videos in 1080i50 and 720p60 formats. To perform a live broadcast from an aircraft, you need to connect its control panel to a mobile satellite communications station. The DJI Inspire 2 Standard Combo is a professional quadrocopter that is ideal for high-quality aerial photography at the cinema level.

The Zenmuse X4S camera provides quality and speed of image processing. The developers have expanded the dynamic range and improved the noise reduction function, which allows you to get pictures of excellent quality. Zenmuse X4S has a wide viewing angle and high resolution. CineCore 2.0 image processing technology records video with a maximum resolution of 5.2K. The processor also supports H.264 and H.265 codecs and a burst mode in JPEG and DNG formats at a speed of 14 photos per second. Inspire 2 will truly inspire you with creativity because it shoots with the latest CineCore 2.0 image processing system in the highest resolution of 5.2K video with a bit rate of 4.2Gb/s and 20.8MP photo in formats such as RAW, Cinema DNG and Apple ProRes and instantly saves content to DJI CINESSD.

4- sensors4- sensors

Sensors & Flight Control

Inspire 2 is equipped with an optical obstacle recognition system consisting of front and bottom sensors. They can notice an object at a distance of 30 meters and stop even at a speed of 54km/h. Optional top infrared sensors detect obstacles up to 5 meters away. The collision protection system works throughout the flight and in all intelligent modes, including returning to your home point. In addition, infrared sensors in the upper part of the drone provide scanning of space within a radius of 5 meters, providing additional safety when flying in an enclosed space.

Inspire 2 uses visual odometry technology, which, together with the flight controller data, allows the copter to fly indoors or in the absence of a signal from satellites, reporting to the operator with absolute accuracy. In addition, it captures the slightest changes in speed, records the flight route, and broadcasts data on its position in live time, which provides more accurate positioning and excellent control, unlike satellite-based positioning. The Inspire 2 quadrocopter is equipped with front and bottom visual stereo systems that scan the space at an angle of 60° and 54°, respectively, allowing the drone to detect obstacles located within a radius of 30 meters from it. The combination of a broad view and long-range detection enables the copter to calculate the distance to the object at speeds up to 54km/h a pitch of 25°.

The aircraft is equipped with Spotlight Pro auto shooting mode. It is enough to indicate the object, and the drone will automatically keep it in the frame, regardless of flight conditions. Thus, if earlier, an additional operator was required to shoot a specific scene, now everything can be done independently. Additionally, two sub-modes are available: Quick Mode and Composition Mode. The first allows you to follow the specified subject. In turn, Composition Mode will enable you to choose the best position for shooting and the type of object to which attention will be attracted. When the target reaches the desired location, pressing the hotkey activates the binding to it. The camera can be rotated to determine the best position.

5- battery5- battery


The use of a dual set of 98W/h batteries each, Inspire 2 can both fly for a long time for 27 minutes and provide additional security control because each of the two batteries is also a backup source of energy, with which the copter makes a soft landing if one of them will fail. In addition, the battery capabilities now allow you to shoot at a low temperature, thanks to the built-in intelligent heating system with a power of 70 watts. It can maintain a temperature of 5°C every minute, and the operator easily controls the condition of the copter using the DJI GO application.


Specifications of DJI Inspire 2 Standard Combo






Overall Dimensions:
140×98×132 mm

461 g


DJI 3512

Remote Controller:

Number of Rotors/Arms:

DJI 1550T



Max Flight Time:
Approx. 27 min

Max Flight Distance:
605 mm

Maximum Speed:
58 mph

Auto Follow:



Effective Pixels:


LiPo 6S

4280 mAh

22.8 V

Charging Time:


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