DJI Inspire 1 Pro


Key features:

  • Zenmuse X5 camera with 4K video recording and 16-megapixel photo;
  • High detail footage (Adobe DNG RAW format);
  • Improved propellers: smoother and more reliable mounting mechanism, longer service life;
  • Increased engine efficiency;
  • Ability to connect DJI Focus;
  • Flight duration 15-18 minutes;
  • Data transmission in HD-quality using Lightbridge technology at a distance of up to 5 km;
  • Comfortable control using a functional remote control;
  • Ability to connect a second operator;
  • DJI GO application with extensive editing, publishing footage, broadcasting, with access to various settings and other options;
  • Robust navigation and positioning system;
  • Intelligent flight modes.



The flagship case of the Inspire 1 Pro model range has an elongated shape and narrowed along with the side projections. It is done to improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft. The power frame is made of carbon fiber and is attached to the case with transition bars. To increase the rigidity, DJI developers have installed additional amplifiers that connect the motors on the left and right sides.


Design & Appearance

The DJI Inspire 1 Pro frame design allows you to change the beam angle to increase the viewing angles of the on-board camera. In this case, the diagonal size of the drone from DJI can vary from 559 to 581 mm. For the flight, electric motors of the DJI 3510 proprietary design used. The motor design uses curved magnets, due to which it was possible to minimize the air gap between the rotor and the stator.On the control panel, there are two sticks for selecting the flight direction and engine speed and two buttons (for starting the remote control and auto return).

The remaining settings made using the application from DJI. Motors on DJI Inspire 1 Pro equipped with quick-detachable two-blade type 1345 screws with an outer diameter of 330 mm. The screws are made of magnesium-based alloy and coated with black paint. When installing, screws with black nuts are placed on the motors marked with black dots. Screws with gray nuts mounted on pointless engines. The fixing nuts tightened by hand.

The Inspire 1 Pro’s first releases came in a combination of black and white. A white control panel supplied with the two-color apparatus. Since the beginning of 2016, DJI has produced the second version, which received the trade name Black Edition, which is made of black materials. Its equipped with equipment made of black plastic.



The manufacturer releases the DJI Go application, which can be installed on smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems. All functions of the device are available through various menu items of the application. The Inspire 1 Pro controller maintains flight altitude with an accuracy of 0.5m. The accuracy of determining horizontal flight determined by GPS satellites and is within 2.5m. The features of a separate remote control include the functions of camera rotation and setting its parameters. DJI Inspire 1 Pro elements allow you to connect up to 6 additional control panels simultaneously so that the quadrocopter can use for professional shooting. When landing, the quadrocopter will independently check the position of the legs, extending them if necessary.


Camera & Image Quality

The camera has a built-in noise reduction and stabilization function, so even during massive quadrocopter movement, the noise of the motors is almost inaudible. The gimbal allows you to rotate the camera in three planes, thanks to the folding chassis, you can turn the camera around its axis, the angle of vertical rotation is 120ยบ, so there are practically no blind spots. Located on a gimbal, a revolutionary mirrorless camera provides professional-quality video shooting (4K resolution) photos (16-megapixel resolution).

Aperture adjustment and focus in flight performed remotely using the DJI Go app. Video export presented in MP4 and MOV formats, files are written to the microSD card. For correct operation, a memory with a class of at least ten is required. Among the shortcomings, there may be a lack of support for removable media with a capacity of more than 64 GB. For recording video in 4K format, this may not be enough, so you will need to copy clips to your hard drive continually.


Battery & Charging

A battery for the Inspire 1 Pro, a lithium-polymer model TV47 product, is used. It is operating voltage 22.2V with a capacity of 4500 mAh. The assault on the DJI weighted 0.57 kg and equipped with an LED indication of charge status. On the outside of the case, there are guides, a clamp, and a button for quick replacement. He charger has a capacity of up to 100 W, equipped with two connectors designed to charge the Inspire 1 Pro battery and the built-in battery of control equipment.

The functionality of the battery also includes counting the remaining flight time until the battery reaches a critical charge level. This indicator is dynamic; it is calculated based on data on the distance of the quadrocopter from the starting point. A nice feature is the speed of recovery of the battery charge – no more than 90 minutes; however, it recommended to remove it for this. Also, on the quadrocopter, you can install a more extensive power battery (5700 mAh), which will increase the flight time to 24 minutes, but you should buy it separately. It should be noted that at the same time, you can only charge the battery or the remote control; it is forbidden to do this together.


Specifications of DJI Inspire 1 Pro


White, Black




Overall Dimensions:

2870 g


DJI 3510H

Remote Controller:

Number of Rotors/Arms:

DJI 1345T



Max Flight Time:
Approxi. 15 minutes

Max Flight Distance:
559 mm

Maximum Speed:
18 m/s (ATTI mode, no wind)

Auto Follow:



Effective Pixels:


LiPo 6S High voltage battery


22.2 V

Charging Time:


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