Archos Pico Drone


Key features:

  • Easily control your flight circuit with your smartphone via the ARCHOS Drone Remote App app.
  • Watch live video content from your smartphone filmed by your drone. With its innovative features, this device will allow you to be the master of the air even in an accident: altitude stabilizer, buttons dedicated to take-off, landing, and emergency shutdown.
  • No need to be an experienced driver to use this leisure drone, let its simplicity and intuitive use guide yourself
  • Easy to take photos and record videos
  • First-person view on a smartphone
  • Up to 15 meters high
  • Maximum speed 4.3m/s (15.6km/h)
  • Easy to use



The ArchosPico Drone mini-copter weighs only 23.2 grams, but it can travel at a speed of 15.6 km/h, take off from 4km/h and stay in the air for up to 8 minutes. To control both UAVs, the manufacturer suggests using the proprietary Archos Drone Remote application. The drone, according to the manufacturer, can rise to a height of 50 meters and accelerate to 25 kilometers per hour. Archos Drone knows how to keep a given altitude and flip 360 degrees during flights. Relatively small dimensions and 125 grams of weight allow you to carry a quadrocopter with you quickly. Archos Drone is a good option for acquiring quadcopter control skills. Several control methods, a complete remote control, a camera, spare blades, a body with a margin of safety, all this will allow you to enjoy flights even to inexperienced users. As a means of entertainment, he fulfills his value by 100%.


Design & Appearance

The Archos Pico Drone is achieved by using high-quality plastic and installing protection on each propeller. Electronics hiding inside the case, the likelihood of damage to the circuit board, and wiring minimized. Archos Pico Drone has a wholly hidden propeller mechanism. We expectedly saved on the gears; they made of plastic, over time, the cloves will wear out and require replacement. In addition to the four installed screws, four interchangeable screws included. The replacement process is simple. Two legs are fixed to the body, raising the central part above the surface of the earth. They are the first to touch the surface when landing. The battery is hidden in a compartment with a cover. When turned on, synchronization with Archos Drone is fast. The layout of the buttons is classic; the location is convenient; it takes no effort to reach them.

The device controlled using a particular application for Android or iOS, but the video from its built-in camera is recorded only in HD format, so the camera here is instead part of the controls. However, it is possible to not only broadcast to the smartphone screen in real-time but also save to a memory card located the drone itself. For night flights, LEDs provided.

Archos Picho Drone can fly at a distance of up to 50 meters and pretty fast (speed 25km/h). Inexperienced users have a real risk of ‘fitting’ into a wall, tree, or other obstacles. Its provided during the design; as a result, he forgives such errors. To remote control the side of the drone during flight, there are two groups of LEDs on the underside. They burn in pairs, green and red.



The main 2.4 GHz channel, the ability to synchronize with the phone, is implemented. Both channels allow you to control the Archos Drone fully. Moreover, you can use it at the same time by fixing the phone in the remote control to output streaming images from the camera. There is even an FPV mode for VR helmets. Using the utility, you can change the settings of tilt angles, rotation speed, altitude, and other parameters. A drone can be controlled by several options: virtual handles or tilts of the phone body.


Camera & Performance

The camera module is removable. The unit is rotary with the ability to change the angle of inclination, is connected using a plug. In the same part, a wireless antenna is hidden. The camera resolution is only 1MP, the maximum resolution of HD video. Recording can be done on a memory card or directly into the smartphone’s memory, and the second option significantly clogs the wireless communication channel, the picture is intermittent.

The communication quality is excellent; the data on the screen updated without delay—power provided by a set of batteries, enough for a long time. The battery capacity is modest, only 500 mAh—discharges with active flight in about 5 minutes. Information on the charge is displayed in the application and on the screen of the remote control. A special USB adapter with an indicator provided for charging the latter; the process of replenishing energy takes about two hours. The maximum horizontal speed of the miniature UAV Archos PicoDrone is 15.6 km/h, and the maximum vertical speed is 4km/h.


Specifications of Archos Pico Drone






Overall Dimensions:
200 x 90 x 110 mm H x W x D

290 g



Remote Controller:
Remote control

Number of Rotors/Arms:




Max Flight Time:
8 minutes

Max Flight Distance:

Maximum Speed:
9.9 mph

Auto Follow:



Effective Pixels:



200 mAh

3.7 V

Charging Time:
40 minutes


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