DJI Inspire 2 Professional Combo


Key features:

  • Maximum flight altitude – 5000 m
  • Maximum climbing speed – 21 km / h
  • Maximum descent speed – 14 – 32 km / h
  • Wind speed resistance – 10 m / s
  • GPS accuracy with visual monitoring system on – vertical: 0.1 m, horizontal: 0.3
  • Propeller Model – DJI 1550T
  • The transmitter has USB / Mini-HDMI outputs for connecting a monitor or tablet.

1- intro1- intro


Quadcopter DJI Inspire 2 is the second version professionally line of quadrocopters for aerial photography. The folding structure is still the same and almost the same size, but Inspire 2 has a more powerful power plant, which allows you to lift a more considerable usable weight and, accordingly, batteries with a larger capacity. Advanced equipment for professional flight equipment for aerial photography. Quadcopter DJI Inspire 2 with a high-definition camera DJI Zenmuse X5S. Two control panels with high-quality displays: one for flight, the second for professional data processing.

2- Design & Features2- Design & Features

Design & Features

The dual battery system increases the With a flight duration of up to 25 minutes (with X5S camera), a self-healing system allows you to fly even at low temperature. Powerful motors and a larger propeller size enable it to accelerate to 80km/h in 4 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 108km/h, the maximum descent speed of 9m/s records for a copter of this size. The drone has a well-thought-out design, has many essential functions and an impressive range.

Quadcopter DJI Inspire 2 received a more powerful but lightweight body made of an alloy of aluminum and magnesium. Its shape became even more streamlined, and an additional FPV camera appeared in the bow. The manufacturer chose a beautiful gray shade with a minimum of decorative details. This design allows you to develop impressive speed, easy to maneuver and follow your goal, even with strong winds.

The presence of a battery self-heating system, the aircraft can be used at air temperatures up to –20°С. A drone can rise to a height of 5 km above sea level: for this, the user needs to purchase an additional set of propellers. In DJI Inspire 2 with the X5S camera, several new functions appeared at once, and the latest intelligent navigation system allows the user to pre-create a flight scenario, as well as touchdown coordinates in case of loss of communication with the controller. So, in ActiveTrack mode, the pilot can fix the camera on the selected subject, and then freely control the flight. The object of observation can be a person, animal, car, etc. The drone will always shoot a given subject, regardless of speed and direction of movement.

3- camera3- camera

Camera & Sensors

Gimbal with Zenmuse X5S camera, Apple ProRes, 2 CINESSD drives included. Ability to record video up to 5.2K. Built-in FPV camera (1080p/720p). The second remote control is included (for controlling the gimbal with the camera and flight separately from two transmitters). You can control the movement of the DJI Inspire 2 Professional Combo quadrocopter with the X5S camera using a special remote control with a display. This equipment equipped with a second controller of advanced functionality – and this is a unique opportunity. In this case, the pilot will be able to control the movements of the aircraft, and the second – completely focus on shooting.

Several sensors supplemented the DJI Inspire 2 Professional Combo model at once – infrared, ultrasonic, and visual. Its predecessor, which had only standard “vision” of Vision, the new drone equipped with a whole system of sensors located in the front and back of the case, as well as on top. Thus, the second Inspire acquired a unique positioning system, due to which it can recognize obstacles at a distance of 30m in any direction. The DJI Inspire 2 drone moves confidently indoors – sensors allow it to “notice” obstacles located 5 meters above the aircraft itself. They scan the environment and provide timely signals to avoid collisions automatically.

4- performance4- performance


DJI Inspire 2 Professional Combo can reach speeds of up to 108 km/h. 4 seconds after the start, it is already moving at a rate of 80km/h, and after a couple of seconds, it shows its maximum capabilities. Pilot time also increased from 18 to 27 minutes. This was achieved due to the new dual-battery power system TB50. The manufacturer provided a unique opportunity to switch from two batteries to one. If during the flight, one of the batteries fails, the aircraft will not fall but will return to the pilot due to the second.


Specifications of DJI Inspire 2 Professional Combo






Overall Dimensions:
140×98×132 mm

461 g


DJI 3512

Remote Controller:

Number of Rotors/Arms:

DJI 1550T



Max Flight Time:
Approx. 27 min

Max Flight Distance:
605 mm

Maximum Speed:
58 mph

Auto Follow:



Effective Pixels:


LiPo 6S

4280 mAh

22.8 V

Charging Time:


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