3D Robotics Iris Plus Drone Camera


Key features:

  • The maximum flight time is 22 minutes.
  • functions: first-person view (FPV), return to take-off point, follow the operator.
  • Magnetometer sensor with radio channel controller.
  • Android and PC supported.
  • GPS navigation system.


Ready to fly the sky

3D Robotics Iris Plus is a new development of the American company 3D Robotics. 3D Robotics IRIS+ is the most advanced drone, the most advanced for their time. Externally, IRIS+ looks very cool. It seems more like a futuristic robot drone from a science fiction film about the end of the 21st century than a copter with 4 rotors of the beginning of the 21st century. The quadrocopter immediately gained popularity due to its striking modern appearance and the presence of many ‘smart’ functions. The relatively low price also contributed to the success of the model.


Interactive Design & support for multiple devices

3D Robotics Iris Plus does not have the usual landing gear, which is usually attached to the body, but 4 supporting legs. They are attached to the beams, directly below the motors and propellers, which provides a sufficiently high suspension for the copter. The central platform of the quadrocopter is made in the form of an oval. The front part is rounded than the rear and has the shape of a compartment. You can control the flight using the remote control, as well as using a personal computer or mobile device. In the second case, an external antenna is used.

It is also worth noting that control is possible only from devices running Android (smartphone or tablet) or Windows (PC). The drone is quite heavy; however, this does not prevent it from quickly rising into the air. Thanks to the updated design of the motors, as well as a system of self-locking screws. The basic set includes support legs fixed to the device, a ground station, a battery for the drone, a charger for it, 3DR radar detector, and equipment. To assemble the drone, there is a repair kit, instructions, and a map of control checks.

The presence of a GPS module, which allows the copter to use autopilot, including for safe return to the starting point of flight. Using the free DroidPlanner 2 application, users can plan not only the trip of a copter in a specific location but also indicate where the camera will be directed. 3D Robotics Iris Plus was created to be used outside and record video from the air for themselves or for someone. In addition to fastening, shock absorbers are also included in the kit, which dampens vibration from the copter in flight and allows you to get a better video.


Comes with Follow Me technology

The main feature of the drone, which sets it apart from other competitors is the ability to enable the Follow Me function. The drone will follow you at a certain distance, taking off your tricks and everything that you do. In this mode, the mount is also controlled automatically, and the system will focus the camera on you. All you need for this mode is a device with GPS support, that is, a smartphone. Additional accessories are available such as high-capacity spare batteries, Cardan suspension, FPV (first-person control).


3PV Follow Me mode

In 3PV Follow Me mode, the user simply draws a circle on the touch screen, which will become the border zone on the digital map that controls the movement of the device. Among the many settings, there is, for example, the ability to set critical points – coordinates for IRIS +. The device will give them special attention and photograph the selected area from various angles. The quadrocopter can follow the path either by focusing on the GPS data from the bracelet supplied with IRIS+ or by using the module signal on your Android smartphone.


Image Quality & Battery

A high level of quality of the captured video material is provided by two-axis image stabilization, implemented using the appropriate controller in two coordinates, as well as the T-2D brushless suspension. You will get not only a smooth picture of all the madness into the lens, but the subject will always be located in the center of the frame. This will bring the effect of cinematography to the movie, moving the shooting to a more professional level. 3D Robotics Iris Plus time as usual – from 16 to 22 minutes, depending on the load. The maximum loaded copter will be in the air for about 15 minutes. If the aircraft takes off from a given range or if it lacks a charge, it will automatically return to the take-off point itself.


Specifications of 3D Robotics Iris Plus Drone Camera


Blue / black




Overall Dimensions:
Wingspan 21.8 In (55 cm) Height 3.94 In (10 cm)



950 KV AC2836

Remote Controller:
Remote control

Number of Rotors/Arms:

4x 9.5 x 4.5 T-Motor multirotor self-tightening



Max Flight Time:
16 to 22 minutes

Max Flight Distance:
36.089 ft/s

Maximum Speed:
11 m/s

Auto Follow:



Effective Pixels:


3S LiPo

5100 mAh


Charging Time:


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