3D Robotics X8+ Drone


Key features:

  • Easy to assemble when first purchased. From then on, you have a ready to fly heavy duty quad copter.
    3PV Follow Me Technology. Program the X8-M quad-copter, and it will follow you around. Great for sports and travel filming.
  • Compatible with the 3DR Live View monitor.
  • It can land with accuracy: 8.2 ft (2.5m).
  • Recommended payload 800 grams but can carry over 1 kg with flight time reduction.
  • Suitable for different types of sensors and can even automate the delivery of small goods.
  • Durable aluminum frame and will able to take the elements. At the same time, it is light enough to maximize aerial mobility.
  • 3DR fully automated flight control for ease of use and flight protection.



3D Robotics, a leading North American drone company, has announced the launch of the 3D Robotics X8+ Drone . This tough, flight-ready drone expands the capabilities of a fully automated platform in the professional field. In addition, 3DR also introduced a new first-person plug-and-play application (FPV), providing everything for the user to receive streaming video from the camera to X8+.The 3DR X8 quadcopter range is without doubt top notch. In this X8 quadcopter review, we look at this robust, reliable, and easy to fly the drone along with its options and uses. We review both the X8+ for aerial photography, the X8-M for mapping, and the Mission Planner software.



As you can see, the possibilities of using the X8 abound. Such a wide range of potential “operation” of the copter became possible because its loading weight has doubled compared to the IRIS+ quadrocopter from 400 grams to 800 grams, and this is the minimum that the helicopter can lift. Its real loading weight starts at 1kg. The first thing that attracts attention in the IRIS+ quadcopter is a futuristic design. A chopped black body, long blue and black rays, four long thin legs, unusually mounted on motors – all these details resemble a drone from a science fiction film.

Flying Modes & Software

Flying modesFlying modes

3D Robotics X8+ Drone equipped with GPS and autopilot functions, it can be hung on Cardan mounts for cameras, it supports the first-person view mode and broadcast video in the first-person mode, and can also shoot video in human follow mode. X8+ also has the first 3PV Follow Me mode, that is, the helicopter can track any GPS-compatible Android device with various interchangeable angles and preset distances that will keep you in the center of your video. It will hold everything you need to track in the center of the field of view of the device.

3D Robotics X8+ Drone includes automatic mission planning right out of the box with open-source software platforms compatible with Mac, Windows Android, and Linux. With the free DroidPlanner 2, software, X8+ users can plan their flights by merely drawing flight path on any Android tablet or phone. Your drone will fly where you tell him, and may even hold the camera, pointing to the same place through the travel interface (ROI) area throughout the flight. It allows offline travel and automatically stabilizes photos, videos, and data collection.



The X8+ lift (maximum take-off weight of more than 2 kg, the payload of 800 g and 800 g of payload) offers users options for mounting massive hinges, cameras, and sensors. It means instead of just being able to carry the GoPro with a wide-angle lens, the X8+ can also take straps that support the professional qualities of a mirrorless camcorder such as the Black Magic Pocket Cinema, or Panasonic LX100, or Canon S110. The bandwidth opens up such possibilities: you can choose different lenses for video with Black Magic and various coordination settings for the LX100, which allow photographers to set the scale for severe and focused shooting while flying at a distance. When flying with a tiny wide-angle lens, you should get the helicopter physically closer to the subject. Paired with the FPV kit from 3DR, you have everything you need to scout, monitor, and shoot professionally.



It can be concluded that IRIS+ has many advantages, including the still rare tracking function and the ability to configure and modify the quadrocopter for specific purposes. This is a great and relatively inexpensive choice. 3D Robotics X8+ is a proprietary portable aircraft with the ability to implement professional aerial photography and with great capabilities.


Specifications of 3D Robotics X8+ Drone


Blue / black




Overall Dimensions:
13.7 in x 20.1 in x 11.8 in (35 cm x 51 cm x 30 cm)



SunnySky V2216-12 800 kV II

Remote Controller:
Remote control

Number of Rotors/Arms:

8x APC Propeller 11×4.7



Max Flight Time:
15 Minutes

Max Flight Distance:

Maximum Speed:

Auto Follow:


Gimbal Kit for GoPro Hero (Gimbal and Camera Sold Separately)

Effective Pixels:
12.1 megapixel


4S LiPo



Charging Time:


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