DJI Mavic Pro & DJI Goggles


Key features:

  • “glider” mode, allowing you to plunge into the virtual world;
  • control by turning the head (tilting, the direction of the drone, changing camera position);
  • touch panel for smooth operation;
  • stunning image quality, which provides 2 Full HD display;
  • Uninterrupted high-speed signal transmission with minimal delay.

1- intro1- intro

Introduction & Design

DJI Goggles glasses designed to save you from a towel. Structurally, the Glasses consist of two parts: a helmet-rim, which mounted on the head, and an eyepiece. Inside a relatively sizeable white box are hidden two 5-inch screens with FullHD resolution. There are many places here, so blind users will not have to take off their glasses. On the head rim, there are small soft pads for more comfortable wearing. A plastic box with screens closes the eyes from all sides, at the junction with the face there are ergonomic linings. There are no gaps, so nothing will distract you from controlling the drone. A small sensor located above the lens of the glasses, which puts the device into energy-saving mode immediately after you remove the helmet.

DJI Goggles management has a new implementation. To navigate the menu and change the necessary settings. A touch panel located on the right side of the box with lenses. There is also a power button and four LED indicators that indicate the battery charge of the device: a multifunctional wheel and an access button to options located on the upper edge. There is also another small hole reserved for the microphone. In addition, on the FPV case of DJI Goggles glasses, you can find a micro-USB connector, a slot for microSD memory cards, an HDMI output and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Ventilation of the device occurs through small perforations on the side faces of the housing.

2- fetures2- fetures


Broadcast The video on the device takes place in two modes: HD Mode or Smooth Mode. The first broadcasts 1080p/30fps video at a close distance from the drone, the second transmits frames at 720p/60fps. Drone control also occurs in two modes:

1.) Motion controlled flight – you control the yaw of the drone by turning your head left/right. Raising or lowering the head can only be controlled by the camera suspension.

2.) Motion controlled gimbal – head rotations control only camera gimbal.

During control, the glasses interface displayed on top of the camera image, where the current angle of the drone, its orientation, distance to the pilot, and other useful information are visible. For more convenient piloting, we recommend using the remote control from the drone, and by turning the head to adjust the angle of the camera. DJI Goggles also work with all other modes that are supported by the manufacturer’s drones. It includes TapFly (flight to a specified point), Cinematic Mode, ActiveTrack (intelligent tracking of moving objects), Terrain Follow, and Tripod. DJI Goggles can solve several problems of drone pilots at once. Firstly, now you don’t need to stare at the glare of the smartphone to view the UAV flight path. Secondly, the device indeed reveals the full potential of such flying vehicles. It can use for entertainment purposes.

3- flight3- flight


The user can choose from several intelligent flight modes. The first one is Fixed-Wing, which simulates a glider flight. The glasses show the current trajectory, and it can change at any time with a slight movement of the head. After testing, there is no desire to remove DJI Goggles from the head – the glasses give a fantastic sense of flight that can not compare with anything. Moreover, working with them is much more convenient than with conventional remote control. The high-quality picture in the helmet does not correspond with the glare on the smartphone screen. The only inconvenience is operating in confined spaces. Since the drone itself is not visible in DJI Goggles, they sometimes have to be removed and look behind the UAV, so as not to break it into the nearest tree or pole accidentally.

4- battery4- battery


The device equipped with a 9440 mAh battery, its resource is enough for exactly six hours of using glasses. You can charge the device via micro-USB port, charging time – 2.5 hours.


Specifications of DJI Mavic Pro & DJI Goggles






Overall Dimensions:
H83mm x W83mm x L198mm

743 g


brushless motors

Remote Controller:
Remote Control

Number of Rotors/Arms:

Quieter Flight



Max Flight Time:
27 minutes

Max Flight Distance:

Maximum Speed:
40 mph

Auto Follow:



Effective Pixels:


LiPo 3S

3830 mAh

11.4 V

Charging Time:


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