DJI Phantom 2 + H3-3D


Key features:

  • 3-axis suspension for Phantom 2
  • Provides excellent stabilization
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight and sturdy construction
  • Accuracy during camera stabilization does not exceed ± 0.08°
  • There is an installation site for a series of quadcopters DJI Phantom and Phantom 2
  • There is an installation site for the F450 / F550 series of frames.
  • Compatible with all flight controllers for helicopters (Ace One, Wookong H, Naza H) and multi-rotors (A2, Wookong M, Naza M V1, Naza M V2, Phantom) from DJI, except for the Naza Light flight controller

1- intro1- intro


The DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter with Zenmuse H3-3D 3-Axis Gimbal is a bundle from B&H that designed to provide an aerial platform for shooting stabilized video with a GoPro HERO3/HERO3+ camera. The GoPro Hero 4 Black delivers the user with a versatile aerial camera capable of 120fps 1080p footage and 30fps 4K footage. The H33D FPV package extends the use of the GoPro by allowing instant footage sent via a Boscam Thunderbolt Transmitter. Coupled with a cloverleaf antenna, the system offers excellent footage at a distance.

The GoPro will offer higher image quality that the Phantom 2 Vision Plus. Our FPV setup will provide the full capability of a real-time video link. DJI Phantom 2 + H3-3D combo is the best option for those who wish to take the very best video footage. The Phantom 2 Vision+ is ideal for those who are looking for the fastest and easiest solution to getting aerial footage no matter the skill level. The onboard DJI Camera gimbal allows the pilot to use the latest in android or IOS based devices as a first-person view camera.

2- design2- design

Design & Features

The DJI Phantom 2 + H3-3D Quadcopter is the second generation Phantom quad-rotor RC helicopter from DJI and features a larger battery and improved prop design, and flying time that lasts to up to 22 minutes. Included with this ‘ready-to-fly’ version of the Phantom 2 Quadcopter is a 6-channel, 2.4 GHz transmitter (TX) that comes pre-bound with the aircraft. It features an operational range extending up to 3,280′ line-of-sight, depending on conditions.

The complexity associated with multi-rotor aircraft, the Naza-M V2 flight control system in the Phantom 2 relies on GPS-based navigation as well as gimbal, compass, and other data to maintain flight stability and provide other assisted-flying features. While the fully manual operation is possible and can be unlocked using the Naza Assistant Software, most users, especially videographers hoping to get the smoothest potential shoots, will opt for GPS or GPS Attitude flight mode. In GPS Mode, the Naza system keeps the Quadcopter stable and right-side-up when moving, and holds it in a fixed horizontal and vertical position whenever you release the sticks.

4- camera4- camera


The Phantom 2 Vision carries an extremely high-quality camera and a 4GB micro SD card. It shoots full HD video at 1080p 30, 720p 60 for clean slow motion, and takes 14-megapixel stills. Tilt the camera as you fly so that you can create a graceful moving shot. Adobe lens profile and barrel distortion removal are available for the DJI Phantom 2 Vision camera – compatible with both Photoshop, Lightroom, and Camera Raw. The Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal is used to mount a naked GoPro HERO3/HERO3+ action camera (available separately) on the Phantom 2. The 3-axis H3-3D provides not only tilting and canting but also allows the camera to pan side-to-side. The GCU (gimbal control unit) built into the Phantom 2, so there is no additional internal hardware to install and operation is plug-and-play.

3- remote3- remote

Remote Control & Function

The upgraded remote control comes with many new features. A gimbal control dial, trainer port, built-in rechargeable LiPo battery with a capacity of 2000mAh, battery level LED indicators, and throttle locking feature that holds the throttle stick in place when descending are all included. The new remote control is compatible with the Phantom 2 Vision+ and Phantom 2.

The Phantom 2 Vision Plus unit allows the user to make the most of waypoints. An additional extra on the DJI Phantom 2 + H3-3D or FPV package, this system offers the functionality at no extra cost. Program your flight path with the 16 waypoint system to shoot with more precision than ever. This solution is a one-stop platform, as it allows the pilot to use a mobile device for the first-person view out the box. The Phantom 2 Vision Plus offers the best solution for those who wish to take stills over video.

5- battery5- battery

Battery & Charging

New for this model, the Phantom 2 features a 5200 mAh battery system that has simplified from the previous Phantom version. The battery now slots in without having to connect any DC leads and features four LED indicators visible on the outside, the tail-end of the aircraft,, helping you keep track of battery levels in flight. Charging is also simplified, with all of the charging circuitry now built into the battery itself, there is no more separate balance lead to worry about plugging in.


Specifications of DJI Phantom 2 + H3-3D






Overall Dimensions:




Remote Controller:
Remote control

Number of Rotors/Arms:




Max Flight Time:
25 minutes

Max Flight Distance:

Maximum Speed:

Auto Follow:



Effective Pixels:




11.1 Volt

Charging Time:
About 1 hour


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