Parrot Airborne Night Blaze MiniDrone


Key features:

  • By complexity of management: children
  • Camera availability: with camera
  • Maximum flight time 7 min.
  • Maximum flight speed 5 m / s
  • Functions: automatic flips
  • Sensors: magnetometer, accelerometer, ultrasonic sensor,
  • Control: Bluetooth
  • Supported OS: Android, iOS
  • No registration required for flights

1- intro1- intro


The Parrot Airborne Night Blaze MiniDrone is a miniature quadrocopter that can fly freely in the dark. Removable LED lights can illuminate the path and serve as an indicator of the drone’s location, which eliminates its loss in the night. An ultrasonic sensor will allow you to control the device’s height and keep it within 4 meters.

2- appearance – Copy2- appearance – Copy


Their overall dimensions are 180x185x40 mm (with screw protection), and take-off weight does not exceed 63g. The Night Drone series includes three functionally equivalent products (Blaze, Maclane, and Swat). They vary from one and all other only in the color of the case (red, blue and black, respectively). The original solution is the rays of Night Drone. They are made in the form of a single openwork product, into which the body of the aircraft is inserted.

At the ends of the beams, there are engine compartments, simultaneously fulfilling the role of landing legs. The propellers are protected in pairs by two removable elastic protectors. Bright lights and LED ‘eyes’ are installed in the bow. The battery compartment is located in the stern, and on the bottom are an ultrasonic height sensor and a camera, the lens of which is directed strictly down. The operating mode of the spotlights is set remotely, and the color of the ‘eyes’ depends on the degree of battery discharge.

3- flight3- flight

Flight Characteristics & Control

Parrot Airborne Night Blaze MiniDrone comes fully assembled and customized. Having established the connection between the control equipment and the copter, the latter can be safely launched into the air. The start is carried out both in the usual way (from the ground), and by simply tossing the device. The maximum speed of Night Drone reaches 18 km/h. The battery lasts for 9 minutes of flight, and its range depends on the control equipment and lies within 20-60 meters.

For control, a tablet or smartphone is used with the FreeFlight 3 application pre-installed, which can downloaded for unimpeded from the App Store or Google Play sites. You need to open FreeFlight 3, select the type of aircraft, and the application will independently establish communication with the quadrocopter. Synchronization and transmission of commands is carried out in accordance with the Bluetooth 4 standard, while the control range does not exceed 30meters. FreeFlight offers three modes of operation. Joypad mode is a remote control simulator. The pilot controls the flight using virtual sticks. Normal and Ace modes use the built-in accelerometer. In these modes, the direction of flight is adjusted by tilting the mobile device. They can set the vertical speed, and the capabilities of the Ace mode are supplemented by aerial acrobatics. A smartphone with the FreeFlight application is also installed on it, but real sticks are used to control the drone. Communication with the quadrocopter is supported via Bluetooth, but the range of controlled flight increases to 60 meters.

4- camera4- camera


Parrot Airborne Night Blaze MiniDrone has a resolution of 0.3 megapixels (640×480). There is no video mode. The amount of internal memory designed for storing photographic material is 1 GB. The quality of the pictures is not impressive. Often the image is contaminated with noise, and the lack of a preview mode makes it very difficult to accurately point the camera at the subject. On-board camera is more suitable for shooting in the style of a selfie, as well as for obtaining landscape images.


Specifications of Parrot Airborne Night Blaze MiniDrone






Overall Dimensions:
7.3 x 7.1 x 1.6 inches

54 g



Remote Controller:
Remote control

Number of Rotors/Arms:


1 GB


Max Flight Time:

Max Flight Distance:

Maximum Speed:
11.18 MPH

Auto Follow:


0.3 megapixels

Effective Pixels:



550 mAh


Charging Time:
25 min


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