Acer H6517ST


Key features:

  • Lamp type: P-VIP
  • Portable widescreen projector
  • DLP projector for home theater
  • The image size from 1.15 to 7.62 m
  • Projector Resolution: 1920×1080 (Full HD)
  • VGA, HDMI, composite, mini-jack audio inputs



This tiny 1080p projector boasts 3000 lumens of brightness so that the user can use it indoors with windows and natural light. The first time the user goes around on the H6517ST and gets a bright, really bright image that exceeds expectations. It is because the ultra-short lens of the projector can display a large picture from a very short distance. It is a massive advantage for people with small rooms because it means that they can enjoy the main power of projecting a home theater – huge screens – without the same vast place.



1080P widescreen resolution delivers a real cinematic experience of the latest high-definition content. It is ideal for widescreen movies created in Blu-ray Disc and HDTV, as the content reflects the original creation, and every detail perfectly preserved with precision. With DLP 3D support, users can view any following content with a frame rate of 120 Hz from a PC with the corresponding 120 Hz graphic card and a stereoscopic 3D player, wearing DLP 3D glasses. A projector equipped with at least two input ports for multiple computers, including D-Sub and HDMI, provides more flexible connectivity and instant switching.


Image Quality & Focal Length

The lens has a settled focal length, so there is no increase; the user adjusts the footage of the image by moving the projector toward or away from the screen. Therefore, installation should do carefully, and this projector works best on the ceiling or low table near the screen. The H6517ST is inexpensive, so it does not have tons of unusual features. But one thing by which he does not compromise is permission. With the H6517ST, the user gets a real high definition resolution of 1920×1080.

It is perfect for Blu-ray movies and other high-quality HD sources, but even lower resolution materials will look great in HD. High resolution is especially crucial for a short-focus projector because the user is likely to sit closer to the screen than on a long-focus projector. The Acer H6517ST projector delivers high-quality cinema with rich details, vibrant and natural colors, and exceptional contrast. Color rendering improves on any surface, even on colored walls, the Acer H6517ST eColor Boost 3D technology, and wall color compensation. At the same time, ColorSafe II prevents color degradation from prolonged use of the projector. Convenient installation utilities simplify setup, and power management solutions deliver significant energy savings while conserving land resources.

easy of useeasy of use

Easy of Use

This short-focus projector is the key and only solution when space is limited, for example, in classrooms or small conference rooms, and allows the user to place the projector at a short distance from the wall. Display large images in small places with reduced shadows. Acer H6517ST ColorBoost 3D is a combination of technological advances that improve the optical characteristics of color for all types of content based on the design of the color wheel, specialized methods for controlling the projector lamp, and the Texas Instruments DLP chip. Acer now introduces ColorBoost3D, which provides realistic images even when displaying 3D or 2D-3D content.

off onnnnoff onnnn

On/Off Function

The instant resume function allows the projector to resume projection immediately after turning it off. Users can turn the projector on and off at any time during the 2-minute shutdown process, so they do not need to bother about accidentally turning off the projector or waiting for cooling for a long time before resuming projection.


Extreme ECO Functionality and Protection Acer H6517ST

The world’s leading Extreme ECO technology provides a breakthrough in lamp power control with the ability to control lamp brightness up to 30% of full lamp power. The projector will automatically enter Extreme ECO mode to save energy if there is no input signal. With Extreme ECO, the power consumption of the projector can be reduced by up to 70%, as well as extending the lamp life. Advanced Dust Shield Solution Technology is a cost-effective system for protecting projectors from damage caused by airborne dust and sand. Acer Projector offers four safety devices – a sealed motor, a vertical board, a 3D dust filter, and a lens screen – to ensure projectors’ safety in the long run.


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