Acer H7850BD


Key features:

  • Lamp type: UHP
  • Built-in speakers: 2 x 5 W
  • DLP projector for home theater
  • Projector Resolution: 3840×2160
  • VGA, HDMI, mini-jack audio inputs
  • The image size from 0.6604 to 7.62 m



An excellent representative of the category Multimedia projectors. This Acer H7850BD product is an excellent example of engineering. In its development, the most advanced at the time of the release of technology used. People who invented the design, wrote texts for other specialists, tried to convey the boldest ideas to the future client.



The external panels of the projector made of white plastic with a matte or mirror-smooth surface. The niche of the lens and the outer lens housing made of plastic with a matte silver-gold coating. A decorative aluminum alloy ring glued to the end of the lens niche. In general, the case is non-marking. On the top panel, there is a niche for accessing the zoom lever on the lens, the lens shift knob, and the control panel with a round tinted IR receiver window, buttons, and status indicators.

Part of the top group removed, allowing access to the lamp compartment. To replace the lamp, the Acer H7850BD does not need to withdraw from the ceiling bracket—interface connectors located in a niche on the rear panel. A sheet of durable plastic glued onto the vertical plane of this niche – the metal edges of the connectors do not leave visible scratches on it. Signatures to connectors are more or less readable. Also, on the rear panel, the user can find the power connector and the connector for the Kensington lock. The ventilation intake grill located on the left side. There, closer to the front, is the grille of one of the two speakers. There is no dust filter in the Acer H7850BD, which is typical of modern DLP projectors.



With a VGA connection, a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels at 60 Hz frame rate supported. The clarity of the picture is good, but its interpolation is a little underestimated. The result of automatic adjustment to the parameters of the VGA signal does not need manual correction.


Connectivity & Control

The Acer H7850BD equipped with two HDMI inputs and a single analog video input – VGA. HDMI inputs are not equal, HDMI 2 has version 2.0 and supports HDCP 2.2. It helps not just a 4K video signal, but also with the highest possible color clarity at a frequency of 60 frames / s. Also, it is this input that supports the connection of mobile devices via MHL. To VGA Out, the user can connect an external display device – this connector transfers what goes to the VGA input. There is an automatic signal detection at the inputs (it can turn off). Speakers built into the Acer H7850BD, so there is an analog audio input, and HDMI inputs are also capable of receiving digital sound. To connect an external audio system or headphones, the user needs to use the audio output. If this jack is enabled, the built-in speaker turned off.

The control screen input of the electric drive can connect to the DC 12V Out connector. Then if the Auto Screen option is enabled, the screen will automatically rotate when the user turns on the projector. The RS-232 interface intended for remote control of the projector (there is a table with commands on the CD-ROM). One of the USB Type-A connectors designed to external power devices (it claimed to output up to 1.5 A), for example, it can be used to power wireless receivers/microcomputers connected to HDMI. The second USB connector used for service purposes to update the firmware in particular. For remote monitoring and control, the user can use the Ethernet interface—declared support for Crestron (control). The projector has a built-in web server with a virtual control panel and other settings.


Menu & Localization

The list is strict. It has a predominantly black-gray-yellow design. The font of the menu is small, and it is too dense, but the inscriptions are contrasting, gray. As a result, the readability of the menu is acceptable. There are a lot of settings. Navigation is quite convenient, the transition from point to point is slightly slowed down, but the lists are looped, which speeds up navigation. The bottom line contains a hint for the functions of the buttons. When setting some parameters that affect the image, a minimum of the information displayed on the screen. For example, only the name of the setting, the slider, and the current value, which facilitates the assessment of the changes made to the picture.


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