Acer S1386WH


Key features:

  • Resolution 1280×800
  • USB flash drive output
  • Luminous flux 3600 lm
  • 20,000: 1 contrast ratio
  • VGA connection (DSub)
  • Portable widescreen projector



A projector installation is often not used in a smaller room because there is too little projection distance. With its short-distance optics, the Acer S1386WH has no problem with this. It delivers a 2 m image width at a distance of approximately 105 cm. It makes it ideal for use in smaller rooms.


Other Features

In this case, it should say that it is not only suitable for meeting rooms, but also for at home. To its multimedia resolution, it can also use for films and games. Especially with movement games (e.g., with the PlayStation Move), it provides the advantage that the user can move behind the projector and therefore does not cast any shadows on the picture.


Image Technology

To the WXGA resolution on the widescreen format, the Acer S1386WH is suitable for a wide variety of applications. No matter whether the user uses it to show presentations, project texts, or play videos. The WXGA resolution directly covers the HD ready resolution with, which is particularly helpful when displaying videos, since they showed in HD quality in this situation. This property is also delightful not only for films but also for games from game consoles. The DLP Beamer uses the 1280 x 800 pixels of the WXGA resolution in 16:10 format. In terms of light output, it is at the right level with 3600 lumens. The contrast of 20,000: 1 provides a decent black value. In the Acer S1386WH test, it was particularly easy to recognize with black writing on a white background.



A feature that will delight 3D fans is the direct 3D capability of the projector. With it, the S1386WH can process the signal of a 3D Blu-ray directly. It will be via HDMI connected to the player and off the user go. The user needs the right 3D shutter glasses for viewing. Here the projector relies on the DLP Link technology. Acer offers the right ones for this 3D Glasses in the optional accessories.

In terms of control, the Acer S1386WH offers two practical features. First, the AC Power On function. It means the user can activate a feature that turns the projector on when the power is on. It can switch on with a timer, for example. The second function is the HDMI Power On feature. It causes the projector to start as soon as a signal sent via HDMI is present. It is also practical because the projector coupled to a source signal in this way. Here the Acer projector offers everything the user needs. These include an HDMI input, a VGA input, and a VGA Exit. One stands for the control RS232 interface available. Older video sources over Cinch-Video connected. A 3.5 mm jack powers the internal 16-watt speaker. A 3.5 mm jack output is also available. There is also a 5V DC USB Connection.


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