BenQ MH750


Key features:

  • USB flash drive output
  • DLP projector for office
  • Built-in speakers: 1 x 10 W
  • The image size from 1.52 to 4.57 m
  • Projector Resolution: 1920×1080 (Full HD)
  • VGA, HDMI, S-Video, composite, mini-jack, RCA audio inputs



BenQ Introduces New BenQ MH750 Projector for education. The increased brightness of 4,500 ANSI lumens, the excellent contrast ratio of 10,000: 1 and Full HD resolution (1920x 1080) make this model an ideal solution. The BenQ MH750 projector projects images from 60 ‘to 180’ in size (152 cm to 457 cm) with 16: 9 and an excellent contrast ratio of 10,000: 1, which allows the user to display the smallest details of the image, whether it be graphics, tables or text (which especially important, as this is the main content posted at educational institutions). Full HD resolution allows the user to create sharp and clear images and is ideal for viewing a variety of content, including movies, videos, games, etc.


Other Features

The BenQ MH750 has luxurious installation options. Large 1.3x optical zoom allows the user to resize images by 30% without losing image quality, and the projector does not change its location. This feature enables the user to easily install the BenQ MH750 without having to re-equip the classroom or classroom. To facilitate installation, the function of vertical (± 30 °) and horizontal (± 30 °) keystone correction will help. Keystone distortion occurs because the projector not installed at right angles to the screen. Vertical correction is applied when the projector located at a perpendicular corner to the screen.

This situation may occur if, for example, the table located above or below the screen level. Horizontal keystone correction provides even more flexibility when placing the projector indoors. The BenQ MH750 projector can be installed not directly opposite the screen, but, for example, on the side on the bedside table, where it will not interfere with students and the teacher. Another feature that makes installation easier is angular image correction. It is a convenient and straightforward way to correct an incorrect image by adjusting each angle.



The BenQ MH750 equipped with two HDMI connectors, one of which combined with the MHL, which allows the user to easily display any content from the Android device, which will be charging at the same time. Wireless communication with any modern devices can provide with the optional QCast adapter. The projector equipped with a USB connector (Type A).



To view 3D, the user will need glasses and related content. The user can connect a microphone to the BenQ MH750. The teacher will not have to strain his voice when conducting classes in a large audience. The projector has a built-in sound – a speaker with a power of 10 watts. The user does not have to worry about additional voice acting for the material.


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