Key features:

  • Blu-ray Full HD 3D supported
  • Internet speaker 10.0 Watts × 2
  • Lamp life is 3,500 hours / 7,000 hours
  • Fixed focal length, manual focus available
  • Maximum brightness is 3,000 ANSI Lumens



With an ultra-short throw projector, the user doesn’t need a huge room or a lot of free space under the ceiling. The BenQ MW843UST projector allows the user to turn any space into an excellent place for a lesson. BenQ Wall Mount with Alignment System ensures the user gets the BenQ MW843UST projector installed quickly and correctly. It is equipped with an installation diagram and a measuring ruler to help the user accurately adjust the projector’s position and adjust the projected image.

smart ecosmart eco

SmartEco Technology & Eco Blank Mode

SmartEco technology – low cost of ownership and optimized projection combined with dynamic energy-saving, unrivaled brightness, excellent image quality, and extended lamp life. SmartEco will help schools and business organizations save significant energy and projector maintenance with active energy management. Eco Blank mode allows the teacher to turn off the projected image on the screen when students need to concentrate on the teacher, or only at the moment when the BenQ MW843UST projector is not in use. When using the Eco Blank mode, the lamp power automatically reduced, reducing energy consumption by 70%.


3D Blu-Ray Support

BenQ MW843UST equipped with 3D image display technology, which allows schools to actively engage students in the educational process using 3D glasses and relevant content. Even in well-lit areas, BenQ MW843UST DLP projectors with BrilliantColor technology deliver the optimum balance of brightness and color fidelity. To this technology, the transmitted colors became more, and now the image has become even more realistic. BrilliantColor allows the user to use up to 6 colors. In addition to the primary 3 colors – red, blue, and green, BenQ uses three more colors – yellow, cyan, and magenta. Intense, realistic colors will turn your presentation into pure, vibrant splendor.


EcoFACTS Marking

A special ecoFACTS label can tell the user how eco-friendly BenQ products are. When developing eco-friendly products, BenQ not only strives to meet national environmental standards but actively offers new improvements in this area. ecoFACTS reaffirms BenQ’s efforts to eliminate environmentally harmful components in the manufacture of products, the selection of materials for product enclosures and packaging, as well as energy efficiency.


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