Key features:

  • 3D support
  • Luminous flux 3000 lm
  • DLP projector for office
  • Built-in speakers: 2 x 10 W
  • Projector Resolution: 1024×768
  • VGA, HDMI, S-Video, composite, component, mini-jack



The teaching projector BenQ MX842UST specially developed to open up digital learning for students and teachers and to minimize the installation and total operating costs of the educational institutes. DLP BenQ MX842UST provides manufacturers with outstanding image quality and high luminosity for optimal readability in a brightly lit environment with ultra-short throw projection for every classroom.


BenQ Wall Mount with Alignment System BenQ

Wall Mount with Alignment System will ensure the user gets the projector installed quickly and correctly. It is equipped with an installation diagram and a measuring ruler to help the user accurately adjust the projector’s position and adjust the projected image.


Image Technology

High readability of the text With DLP technology, the coefficient of useful filling of the image will be 96%, in contrast to 60% in LCD technology. All mirror controls are located directly below them, not inside, so the distance between the pixels is minimal. Due to the high percentage of usable screen area and an almost slight gap between the pixels, the projected image will be bright, saturated, and more ‘smooth’ (without a grid). BenQ DLP projectors deliver the superb image clarity, high readability, and vibrant, lifelike colors throughout your life.

BenQ uses advanced DLP technology. The principle of its operation is that the light from the lamp passes through the color wheel, acquiring a specific color reflected from the millions of micromirrors located on the DMD chip and then hits the screen. The projector’s optical system has a sealed design, so the DMD chip and mirrors protected from dust. Therefore, DLP projectors do not have problems with color degradation; colors will stabilize throughout the entire work period. Even in well-lit rooms, DLP projectors with BrilliantColor technology achieve the optimum balance of brightness and color fidelity. To this technology, the transmitted colors have become more, and now the image has become even more realistic. BrilliantColor allows the user to use up to 6 colors. In addition to the primary 3 colors – red, blue, and green, BenQ uses 3 more colors – yellow, cyan, and magenta. Rich, realistic colors will turn your presentation into pure, vibrant splendor.


3D Blu-ray & No Shadows On the Screen

BenQ MX842UST equipped with 3D image display technology, which allows schools to actively engage students in the educational process using 3D glasses and relevant content. Ultra-short throw projector can place close to the screen, which means that random shadows will not appear. Nothing will prevent the conduct of classes.


Remote Management

Projector BenQ MX842UST equipped with remote management and control. The user can control multiple BenQ MX842UST projectors connected via a network cable from a single control center. The BenQ MX842UST is also compatible with Crestron control systems.


SmartEco Technology

Technology is a low cost of ownership and optimized projection combined with dynamic power saving, unrivaled brightness, excellent image quality, and longer lamp life. SmartEco will help schools and business organizations save significant energy and projector maintenance with proactive energy management.


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