BenQ PU9220+


Key features:

  • 3D support
  • USB flash drive output
  • Luminous flux 5000 lm
  • DLP projector for office
  • Projector Resolution: 1920×1200
  • The image size from 2.03 to 12.7 m



The installation of the BenQ PU9220+ projector has become even simpler and more convenient to the interchangeable optics – 5 interchangeable lenses with different focal lengths are suitable for any task. Carefully calibrated lenses give your image unrivaled clarity and brightness. Vertical/horizontal lens shift provides maximum freedom when installing the projector. No rearrangements or additional installation work is required.



With the ability to project 360 °, the user can display images in any direction and anywhere: floors, walls, ceilings in places such as shops, galleries, theatres. The compartment with the lamp module located on the side of the projector. Therefore, replacing the lamp will not cause the user any difficulties.


Image Technology

BenQ DLP BenQ PU9220+ projector provide excellent image clarity, high readability, and vibrant, realistic colors throughout the work period. BenQ uses advanced DLP technology. The principle of its operation is that the light from the lamp passes through the color wheel, acquiring a specific color reflected from the millions of micromirrors located on the DMD chip and then hits the screen. The BenQ PU9220+ projector optical system has a sealed design, so the DMD chip and mirrors protected from dust. Therefore, BenQ PU9220+ DLP projector do not have problems with color degradation; colors will stabilize throughout the entire work period.

DLP BenQ PU9220+ projector also have high contrast for flawless visualization of fine details, fine lines, and dark scenes. Deeper black color and a more transparent and brighter image will make your presentation easy to read even from the very last rows in a well-lit classroom. With DLP technology, the image’s payload ratio will be 96%, unlike 60% in LCD technology. All mirror controls are located directly below them, not inside, so the distance between the pixels is minimal. Due to the high percentage of usable screen area and an almost slight gap between the pixels, the projected image will be bright, saturated, and more ‘smooth’ (without a grid).


EcoFact Technology

The special ecoFACTS label can tell the user how eco-friendly BenQ products are. When developing eco-friendly products, BenQ not only strives to meet national environmental standards but actively offers new improvements in this area. EcoFACTS reaffirms BenQ’s efforts to eliminate environmentally harmful components in the manufacture of products, the selection of materials for product enclosures and packaging, as well as energy efficiency.


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