Canon LX-MW500


Key features:

  • Lamp life up to 2,500 hours
  • 5000 lumens provides clear, vivid images
  • DLP technology for high contrast and vibrant colors
  • 3750: 1 contrast ratio for realistic photos with rich blacks
  • Correct WXGA resolution (1280 x 800 pixels) with 16:10 aspect ratio
  • Two HDMI ports (MHL compatible) and an RJ-45 port for network



The Canon LX-MW500 Stationary Projector has a robust optical system, compact size, and high brightness level. The 3750: 1 dynamic contrast ratio and Brilliant Color technology ensure correct color reproduction, and optimum color saturation is perfect for anyone who expects bright, high-quality images from an inexpensive, versatile device. Support for the 3D format will help make visualization interactive and enhance the degree of perception of video material. Four-point keystone correction gives the image precise geometric proportions. Individual ports designed for convenient network connection with most digital devices. A built-in monaural speaker provided for the sound accompaniment of a video display in the absence of a new audio system.



A centrally located 1.6x optical zoom lens with manual control and 4-point keystone correction provides convenient setup and extensive installation options. Also, to the standard vertical and horizontal adjustments (+/- 30%), independent angular correction allows you to get the perfect image without unnecessary effort, even if the projector is installed at an angle, pointing up or tilted from the optical axis. 6-axis color adjustment, 5 projection modes, and 2 user-configurable modes ensure that the projected image matches the original.


Image Technology

The Canon LX-MW500 projector has an impressive brightness of 5,000 lumens for compact models. It provides high-quality, bright, clear images in medium-sized rooms, such as lecture halls, conference rooms, and meeting rooms. A contrast ratio of 3,750: 1 allows for accurate color reproduction and rich blacks, and the new Brilliant Color algorithm ensures a precise copy of the original colors of the content you are viewing.

The Canon LX-MW500 has true WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution, which provides improved image sharpness, smoother graphics, and sharper text. The WXGA resolution is ideal for projecting images from a computer and other video sources and optimizing working with modern laptops with widescreen displays. The DLP-panel maximizes the brightness and detail of the image and minimizes distortions such as the ‘lattice’ effect, which often found among ordinary LCD projectors.



The Canon LX-MW500 projector has two HDMI ports, an HDBaseT port and an RJ-45 port for connecting to a network, which provides compatibility with numerous digital video sources and allows you to organize viewing from a computer or mobile device. Using the HDBaseT port, you can transmit high-definition audio and video signals and control through one network cable at a distance of up to 100 m, which significantly expands the possibilities of use and installation options. One of the projector’s HDMI inputs supports MHL technology, which allows you to connect MHL-compatible tablets and smartphones using the optional MHL cable.



The projector lamps Canon LX-MW500 can be easily replaced; dismantling the projector is not required for this. In this case, the lamp life is up to 2500 hours. A 10 W speaker with a linear audio output allows you to use the Canon LX-MW500 projector to project images and organize sound design.


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