Casio XJ-A257


Key features:

  • 3,000 ANSI lumens
  • Brilliant natural color rendering
  • Mercury-free lighting technology
  • Present without a PC USB-Connection
  • Ultra-flat, high-quality design (43 mm high)



The Slim Casio XJ-A257 Projector combines compact dimensions, lightweight, and brightness of 3,000 ANSI lumens. It is a universal solution for both mobile uses and permanent installation in classrooms and meeting rooms where the transfer of HD content required under various lighting conditions. The projectors equipped with a laser-LED light source, which has a life of 20,000 hours and is distinguished by the absence of lamps and low power consumption. An indispensable mobile assistant for business and education.



The ultra-thin Casio XJ-A257 projector weighing only 2.3 kg easily fits in a bag, because according to the idea of Casio engineers, its size is comparable to a sheet of A4 paper. Double wide-angle optical zoom provides flexible installation and focuses on the more critical details of the presentation. With the Casio XJ-A257 projector, the GreenSlim Series can project without a PC. All the necessary files and presentation materials can save in the projector’s built-in memory (2 GB).


Buttons & Mercury-Free Light Source

With just push of a button, the projectors reach their full brightness after only 5 seconds. To the dynamic brightness control, the projectors from CASIO can flexibly adapt to different lighting conditions. High performance, low consumption The CASIO projectors deliver brilliant results with only 0.23 watts (per series: 0.4 watts) in standby mode. Permanently operational Projectors from CASIO are suitable for continuous use with a particular light source and DLP technology.

The laser and LED Hybrid projectors from CASIO do not use toxic mercury and reduce power consumption by 40%. Long-lasting light source to the mercury-free lighting technology, the CASIO projectors can manage up to 20,000 hours without changing the lamp. Brilliant color rendering The revolutionary laser andLED-Hybrid light source offers clear and bright color reproduction for all projectors – even in daylight. A sign for the environment The light source installed in all CASIO projectors is mercury-free and environmentally friendly.


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