Casio XJ-V2


Key features:

  • Luminous flux 3000 lm
  • DLP projector for office
  • The lamp type is ( Laser-LED )
  • Projector Resolution: 1024×768
  • VGA, HDMI, mini-jack audio inputs
  • The image size from 0.76 to 7.62 m



The Casio XJ-V2 is a low-priced XGA entry-level projector that uses the long-lasting laserLED-Hybrid technology is used and aimed at schools and companies that use a 4: 3 projector format want to use existing whiteboards and boards. The light output is 3,000 ANSI lumens, with one contrast of 20,000: 1. The projector is suitable for 24/7 use and offers the practical Direct On / Off function.


Easy To Use

In contrast to conventional mercury lamp technology, the Casio XJ-V2 projector uses the long-lasting Laser + led light unit. With it, run times of up to 20,000 hours are possible. Ideal for continuous use. With the XGAresolutionWith 1024 x 768 pixels, the projector aimed at players such as laptops. The native format is 4: 3 and is ideal for existing whiteboards and boards. The brightness is 3,000 ANSI lumens, and that contrasts 20,000: 1. When installing the projector, there may be inclinations. These can compensate for the vertical keystone correction of +/- 30 percent. A Casio XJ-V2 test shows this.


Energy Saving & Lamp Life

Another critical feature of hybrid technology is the shallow rate of degradation of the light source. In addition, hybrid projectors turn on and off almost instantly, while lamp projectors need time to warm up and enter the startup’s operating mode, and some time to blow to cool a very hot light source when the presentation stopped. And the factor of the sudden failure of the lamp also needs to be considered. The collapse of the projector during an important meeting, lesson, or conference can cost much more than the cost of a replacement lamp.

The brightness that the lamps provide, lasers are much more efficient, since they immediately generate the color triad of light obtained from the white light of the lamp by filtration. But the cost of such light sources is much higher, even though their life resource is an order of magnitude higher. To reduce the cost of technology, manufacturers of projectors go by replacing generating lasers with more affordable solutions and introducing re-emitting elements such as phosphorus into the design. The Casio XJ-V2 uses a red LED in its projectors along with a laser emitting blue light. And with the help of a blue laser beam, a phosphorus emitter is activated, which ultimately gives a color triad.



The equipment of the Casio XJ-V2 shows that created to simplify the work with it maximally. Focus adjustment does here manually. The model starts its work almost instantly, without requiring heating, and immediately turns off without delay in cooling the light source. There are minimal buttons on the case, which will not confuse an inexperienced user: turning on and selecting the video input. All other settings are possible only using the remote control.



The device has two video inputs: digital HDMI and analog D-Sub. Although the projector itself does not have built-in acoustics, it is possible to connect an external system with remote sound level control through the available audio input and audio output ports. The projector can be located from 1 m to 9.4 m from the screen; the image’s diagonal varies between 0.76 – 7.62 m. A small 1.1x optical zoom is also available, so you can only adjust the size by moving the device. It also has built-in vertical distortion correction tools.


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