Christie D13WU-HS


Key features:

  • Compact body, industrial design
  • Lens memory function for restoring zoom
  • Automatic and manual correction of image geometry
  • Laser phosphor light source: 20,000 hours of reliable operation
  • Improved color reproduction with Christie BoldColor technology
  • Supports WUXGA or HD resolutions depending on the content type



The Christie D13WU-HS is ideal for customers looking for a vibrant, vibrant image: rental equipment dealers, corporations, and hotels. The new models are suitable for equipping public spaces and entertainment complexes. They support 360-degree body rotation during installation and portrait mode. The projectors’ high level of versatility is achieved through the presence of advanced software tools for image geometry correction, blending functions, multi-projection stitching, color alignment, and brightness. Christie D13WU-HS projector quietness and compactness make it discreet and allow the viewer to focus on what is needed – stunning picture quality.



The Christie D13WU-HS offers the brightest 1DLP laser phosphor projectors with Christie BoldColor technology, with up to 13,500 lm in WUXGA and HD. Now you can tackle large projects with projection mapping, multi-array projection, and camera-based warping and blending. Handling and installation are more comfortable than ever with this lightweight, compact design and loop-through inputs. The hushed operation means that the Christie D13WU-HS can also use in noise-sensitive environments.


Image Technology

Christie’s BoldColor technology delivers a new dimension in color reproduction and image quality and images that are rich, realistic, and with high levels of brightness. It results in more vibrant and more appealing optical content and conforms to the Rec. 709 standard for HD color reproduction.


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