Key features:

  • Auto-detect input type
  • The lens has an optical zoom of 1.8x
  • 2 HDMI and Display Port compatible with HDCP
  • Ability to work without interruption in 24/7 mode
  • 5500 ANSI Lm brightness, 7200: 1 contrast ratio
  • 3D Sync and DLP Link support (glasses not included)



The EK-601W usually uses such DLP technology – to create the best quality image. The EIKI EK-601W video projector equipped with just such a DLP module, which produces excellent image quality combined with high definition. EIKI EK-601W installation projectors with 5500 Lumen brightness and WXGA resolution. This EIKI EK-601W video projector has a matrix format that is best suited for Installation Projectors – 16:10 and therefore has a WXGA resolution. The EK-601W convinces bright projections in small to medium-sized rooms. Functions like lens shift,3D-Keystone- and curve correction ensure maximum flexibility when selecting the projection surface.


Image Technology

Users will undoubtedly notice a high image contrast – 7200: 1 – with this model of EIKI EK-601W projector. This option provides excellent quality and detail of the resulting image – digital photography, computer graphics, or printed text. Customers will also appreciate the rich functionality of the video projector – such as the ‘Lens shift’ function with vertical and horizontal adjustment and the keystone correction function. For the latter service, we especially note that not all models of digital projectors have such functionality.


MHL & Connectivity

When connecting the EIKI EK-601W to a wide variety of video sources, this unit, with its own WXGA resolution, can work with the resolution of input signals from VGA to WUXGA. The EIKI EK-601W projector makes it easy to connect to various devices through remote configuration automation. Customers will also be pleased with the compatibility of this series of video projectors with the Crestron RoomView control system and the projector’s ability to work with AMX remote switching equipment.

Using this video projector for mobile presentations will surely appreciate its excellent features, including the new MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) digital input. This feature makes the EIKI EK-601W a very convenient video projector for work and indispensable for presentations – due to its ability to display HD-video with WXGA resolution from smartphones and tablets. The presence of all types of video inputs undoubtedly creates the projector’s maximum versatility when playing various signal sources. It also adds ease of use to the EIKI EK-601W when the projector has a zoom lens.


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