Epson EB-2065


Key features:

  • Brightness is 5500 ANSI Lumens
  • Lamp resource 10,000 hours in eco mode
  • Firmware upgrade function via USB or Ethernet
  • Air filter rated for 5000 hours without maintenance
  • High-quality video processing algorithms, “DCDi Cinema.”
  • Controlling Network Projectors with EasyMP Network Monitor



The Epson EB-2065 combines high brightness with portability and rich functionality. This model specially designed for work in office spaces, large meeting rooms, classrooms in educational institutions, waiting areas, and other rooms where higher brightness or screen size is required than standard office projectors can offer. The projector is ideal for making presentations in front of an audience of 100 people. The Epson EB-2065 is easy to install on a permanent or temporary basis due to its compact size, a wide range of additional features that increase convenience and speed of installation, and a rich set of connection options, including wired and wireless networks.



Another plus point in terms of flexibility is its vertical and horizontal Keystone Correction. It can use to set up the picture optimally. The vertical and horizontal correction is +/- 30 degrees here. For the most part, it works automatically, which also makes it easy to set up.

Another thing that makes setup easier is the Screen Fit function. The projector uses this to adjust the visible image area within the framework of the available image area. If, for example, a picture on the wall is in the way, the projector reduces the visible picture to the open space.


Gesture Control

A new feature that Epson is installing in its original 20 series projectors is gesture control. A sensor detects the hand movements of the presenter in a designated area. It can see on the left or right at the edge of the picture. The image for projection shrinks a little. For the Epson EB-2065 to offer gesture control, it must next to the HDMI or VGA Cable with a USB Cables connected to the notebook. Alternatively, the solution is sent via WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS supported.



The Epson EB-2065 conveniently designed for use with MHL-enabled smartphones or tablets to its MHL-enabled HDMI Interface. You can connect the devices right to the projector using an MHL cable to present content from them. In addition, the connection enables the supply of MHL wireless adapters.


Image Technology

Epson’s original 3LCD projection technology guarantees bright images with superb colors, even when the projector runs at maximum brightness. The EB-2065’s maximum light, like its color brightness, is 5500 lumens. It is especially crucial in lighted rooms, and when using large screens – the projector allows you to get a high-quality image without switching to a more accurate but less bright projection mode.

XGA (1024×768) is one of the most common resolutions in education and business, and its vertically elongated aspect ratio (4: 3 aspect ratio) is especially useful for displaying documents and web pages. A 15,000: 1 contrast ratio gives high image quality (sense of volume, black level) and excellent readability in a darkened environment. A powerful processor using DCDi Cinema technology is responsible for high-quality deinterlacing, digital noise elimination, and clarity of the outlines of objects on the screen, making the video smoother and more natural. Especially for medical applications, the projector has a DICOM simulation mode, which makes it possible to view specific medical documents, such as X-ray images, in the best quality, with the best grayscale and shadow detail.


Wireless Connection

A WiFi adapter included with the Epson EB-2065 projector. Like a wired Ethernet connection, a wireless WiFi connection allows not only to connect directly to the projector using a particular application but also to integrate the projector into the organization’s existing network infrastructure. For example, the MultiPC Projection function allows you to display up to four different images from PCs, smartphones, and tablets to the projector. The presenter (moderator) can control what content to display on the screen, choosing among the connected users (up to 50). It also supports the management of the organization’s projectors via the network, incl. – IPv6.



Another plus point of the Epson EB-2065 is the internal speaker. At 16 watts, it offers an attractive output for an internal loudspeaker. Smaller rooms can sensibly cover with sound. The Epson EB-2065 is well-positioned here. It has two HDMI inputs, one of which is MHL-enabled. There is also a VGA entrance and one exit. A cinch video connection is available for analog video sources. The internal loudspeaker can connect via a 3.5 mm jack and stereo Cinchprovide a signal. A 3.5 mm output is also available. There is a for the control RS232, and a LAN interface are available. There is also a USB type A and a USB Type B connection.


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