Epson EB-2250U


Key features:

  • LAN connection to the Internet
  • Support for optional Wi-Fi module
  • The ability to read materials from flash drives
  • Control from the dashboard or remote control
  • Universal WUXGA projector with 3LCD technology
  • The Manual slider for correcting horizontal distortion



Epson EB-2250U is a versatile WUXGA 3LCD projector with high image quality with 5000 lumens brightness. This model designed for educational and business events in small or medium classrooms. It equipped with a high-quality, long-life lamp that provides 15,000: 1 contrast. There are several main buttons on the device itself, while the device’s complete control carried out from the remote control. There is also support for wireless signal reception via Wi-Fi using an optional module purchased separately. Additionally, the projector equipped with a keystone correction function, which allows it to installed in various positions with non-standard projection angles.


Image Technology

The 3LCD projector Epson EB-2250U is also on the right level in terms of light output. With 5000 lumens, it gets along well in most rooms. Even when you’re on the move, it still offers reasonable reserves. And if the room allows it, it is in Eco Modus with its 3800 lumens is always brighter than a standard projector and, at the same time, pleasantly quiet. The Lamp life will be in Eco Mode increased to up to 10,000 hours.

In today’s presentations, high image resolution plays an increasingly important role. Since the full HD resolution has become the standard for current notebooks and monitors, an excellent presentation projector also covers this resolution. The Epson EB-2250U offers the WUXGA resolution, which offers even more pixels than the full HD resolution. It is an optimal resolution, especially for displaying tables. It covers the full HD resolution, which is another advantage for the presentation of videos. Nothing stands in the way of a film presentation either.


Gesture Control

A new feature that Epson has introduced to the Epson EB-2250U is gesture control. Here the projector offers the possibility, for example, of scrolling through a PowerPoint presentation by pointing to the projection surface. The image itself reduced slightly, and the button projected to the left or right of the picture. The Epson EB-2250U needs the HDMI or VGA Cable one USBType of cable with which it connected to the notebook. The function is also via WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS supported when the optional wireless adapter used.



The Epson EB-2250U offers flexible optics designed for a wide variety of image sizes and distances. It reaches an image length of 2 m at a distance between approx. 280, and 450 cm. In addition, it has a vertical and horizontal keystone correction of +/- 30 degrees. It works automatically. When setting up the image, the Screen-Fit function is also useful, as it adapts the model to the space available on the screen (within the scope of the projector’s capabilities).



Other features that make the Epson EB-2250U inexpensive for presentation use include its split-screen function, with which content can display side by side. About his MHL-enabled HDMI MHL-compatible smartphones and tablets can be connected to the projector. And with the Dicom simulation mode, the projector can present X-ray images (not for diagnostic purposes). And the AV mute function via remote control and the AV mute slider, which is popular with Epson projectors, is also on board again.

In terms of interfaces, the Epson EB-2250U offers everything you need for everyday business. Two HDMI inputs, a VGA input, and a VGA output can still switch as an input. For older video material stands, Cinch-Video connection available. For the control, it offers a LAN and an RS232 Connection. Power is also possible via the USB B connection. For the JPEG Reader, there is a USB A interface is available. The internal 16-watt loudspeaker can connect via a 3.5 mm jack or stereo Cinch supply. A 3.5 mm audio output is also available.

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Other Features

The best cost of ownership for this projector achieved with the original Epson E-TORL lamp. The lamp has a very high resource – 10,000 hours in economy mode and 5,000 hours in maximum power mode. However, the projector equipped with an air filter that protects the internal components from dust and designed to operate the projector without the need for maintenance for 5000 hours. The slide cover on the projector body protects the lens from damage and allows you to pause during the presentation without turning off the projector while reducing power consumption by 20%. The ECO section of the projector menu contains various Eco mode settings.


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