Epson EB-2255U


Key features:

  • LAN connection to the Internet
  • Auto-correction of vertical distortion
  • The ability to read materials from flash drives
  • Control from the dashboard or remote control
  • Manual slider for correcting horizontal distortion
  • Universal WUXGA projector with 3LCD technology



Epson EB-2255U is a versatile WUXGA 3LCD projector with high image quality with 5000 lumens brightness. This model designed for educational and business events in small or medium classrooms. It equipped with a high-quality, long-life lamp that provides 15,000: 1 contrast. There are several main buttons on the device itself, while the device’s complete control carried out from the remote control. There is also support for wireless signal reception using the WiFi module, which included in the package. Additionally, the projector equipped with a keystone correction function, which allows it to installed in various positions with non-standard projection angles.


Image Technology

A large part of the content presented with a projector is made available in the high-resolution form. The Epson EB-2255U is ideally suited to this to its WUXGA resolution. In addition to high-resolution content, it ideally suited for displaying large Excel tables. But that’s not all. Since the full HD resolution in the WUXGA resolution works, the Epson EB-2255U can be used just as well for the presentations of films or sporting events. You can play full HD content without any problems.


Wireless Connection

The Epson EB-2255U particularly stands out due to its various wireless features. It offers two different options for wirelessly receiving a signal. First of all, there is the typical WiFi/ WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS. Images, texts, and small presentations can be transmitted wirelessly from the notebook, smartphone, or tablet to the projector. However, the connection is not yet secure enough for the transmission of video material.

To the WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS To use the connection, you need Easy MP Software. It would best if you had the Epson for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets iProjection App. The WiFi function itself in the form of a WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS Adapters included. The second wireless connection is Miracast. You can use this to send content to the projector wirelessly in full HD quality. The prerequisite is that the device is Miracast-capable. The function is most widespread on smartphones and tablets with Android. This feature is particularly attractive if you want to present high-resolution moving image content.


Gesture Control

A new feature in the Epson EB-22xx series is the gesture control. The image projected a little smaller, and a button displayed on the left or right. The projector’s sensor detects when you move a hand or finger over it to go forward or backward through the presentation. In addition to the connection via HDMI or VGA, a USB Cable connection ahead. However, it also works via WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS. It makes presentations even more comfortable and more intuitive.



When it comes to placement, the Epson EB-2255U well placed. Its optics reach an image width of 2 m at a distance between approx. 280, and 450 cm. It means that it can flexibly position in terms of length and image width. It also offers a vertical and horizontal keystone correction of +/- 30 degrees, which set automatically. The projector adjusts itself to this and adapts to the available image area to the screen fit function.



However, that is by no means all that the Epson EB-2255U has to offer. It also provides the 3-in-1 USB Display for the transmission of pictures, sound, and control data. Likewise, an MHL-enabled one HDMI Input can connect MHL-enabled smartphones and tablets with an MHL cable. Its split-screen function enables two sources to display on the projector. And with the JPEG Viewer, images from USB Stick out present.

In terms of interface diversity, the Epson 2255U ideally positioned. Two HDMI inputs, a VGA input, and a VGA output can still switch as input and are available for PC, notebook, and other sources. For older video material is a Cinch-Video connection available. For the control, it offers a LAN and an RS232 Connection. Power is also possible via the USB B connection. There is one for the JPEG Reader USB Type-A connection. A 3.5 mm jack or stereo jack is available for the internal 16-watt speaker Cinch Connection available. A 3.5 mm audio output is also available. Then there are the wireless interfaces WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS and Miracast.


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