Epson EB-530


Key features:

  • Quick on and off instantly
  • View images from USB flash drives
  • Wi-fi image and sound transmission (option)
  • USB Image, Sound, and Control Transmission
  • Short-focus lens (projection ratio 0.55-0.74: 1)
  • Correction of vertical and horizontal keystone distortion



This short-throw projector is the perfect solution for classrooms or small meeting rooms. The Epson EB-530 can be mounted on a wall, ceiling, or desk close to the wall to free up more workspace. If you choose to place a display or a projector in a small meeting room, you often use the screen. Because a projector in these rooms is usually no longer able to achieve a reasonable projection distance from the wall, resulting in rather small image size. It is not the case with a short-throw projector like the Epson EB-530.



As an optional accessory for the Epson EB-530 projector, Epson offers the original Epson ELPMB45 wall mount, allowing the projector to easily mounted on a wall directly above the screen or on an interactive whiteboard. The original mount enables you to adjust the tilt of the projector along two axes and select the projection distance and image size to the telescopic rod, which also hides the connection cables after installation.

The life of the Epson EB-530 lamp is up to 10,000 hours in eco mode. The projector saves energy during presentations by automatically adjusting the light output, depending on the content. The A / V Mute function allows you to pause during a performance and darkens the lamp by 70% to save energy while the projector is not in use. To the built-in speakers (16 W), sound can play through the projector without additional external speakers. The microphone input turns the projector into a speakerphone system.


Image Technology

Combined with our Epson 3LCDtechnology, the Epson EB-530 projector delivers high-quality, vivid images with natural color reproduction. Bright lighting in the room will not affect image quality. The image details will be transparent with high contrast and the new short-focus lens, which provides a sharper image and improved focus.

The LCD The projector works with the 1024 x 768 pixels of the XGA resolution in 4: 3 format. Its light output of 3200 lumens is at a reasonable level for a short-throw projector. And also be the contrast of 16,000: 1 is impressive. The Epson EB-530 test has also shown this. It came into its own particularly well with pictures.


KeyStone Correction

The Epson EB-530 projector has both horizontal and vertical keystone correction to create a smooth image. When you install several identical projectors simultaneously, the settings of the on-screen menu of one projector can copy to the others, so you do not need to configure each projector individually.


HDMI & USB Ports

The Epson EB-530 conveniently positioned for the interfaces. So he offers one HDMI Input, two VGA inputs, and also one VGA output. A stands for analog video signal inch-Video and an S-video connection available. A stereo is available for feeding the internal loudspeaker in hand a 3.5 mm jack connection available. There is one for controlling the projectorRS232as well as a LAN interface. There is also a USB type B and a USB Type-A connection.

By connecting the Epson ELPAP07 wireless network module, which can be purchased separately, to the Epson EB-530, the user will be able to transfer the image to the projector via a wi-fi wireless network. The optional Epson ELPAP09 USB wireless dongle makes connecting to the Epson EB-530 even faster and easier. All you need is to connect the USB key to the projector and, after waiting a few seconds, connect the key to your computer or laptop, and the wireless connection will establish in a few seconds.


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