Epson EB-685Wi


Key features:

  • Reproduction up to 1 billion colors
  • Support for optional Wi-Fi adapter
  • A large number of projection options
  • The ability to connect a document camera
  • Interactive ultra-short-focus WXGA video projector
  • Optimal for educational purposes in small audiences



The Epson EB-685Wi is one of the interactive ultra-short projectors. It offers the opportunity to work with two pens on the whiteboard. It increases the children’s attention, especially when studying, because they included in the class. You can use the two pen variants well for a teacher/student combination. In this context, it is possible to use different attributes. The projector comes with a USB Cable (A to B) connected to a PC or notebook to use interactivity. The software is available for Mac and Windows.


Ultra Short Look

An ultra-short-throw projector like the Epson EB-685Wi is an ideal projector for use in the classroom. However, interactive projectors are now just as conventional in meeting rooms. The advantage of such projectors is that they achieve an average image size in a small space. And especially when it comes to interactive work, they offer the convenience that you don’t cast a shadow on the image and look into the light when you turn it over. It also fulfills an important safety factor. It achieves a width of two meters at a distance of approximately 56 cm.



The Epson EB-685Wi equipped with a large number of audio and video ports, to which it can work with almost any equipment. Video input can do using the traditional RCA input, three high-quality HDMI, and two computer VGA ports with parallel mini-Jack audio data. The projector also allows you to output a signal to a control video monitor and send sound to an external speaker system. Plus, there is a LAN port for connecting to the Internet and two digital USB interfaces, one of which is used to connect to a computer, and the other allows you to read information from external flash drives. Also, for more complex projects, the device supports several such models’ simultaneous operation with two mini-Jack In / Out connectors.

The projector has a relatively large number of projection options, due to which it can work in a variety of conditions. Management can be carried out both through the remote control and from the dashboard of the device. The projector has a relatively large number of projection options, due to which it can work in a variety of conditions. Management can be carried out both through the remote control and from the dashboard of the device. However, that’s not all the Epson EB-685Wi has to offer. It also has an internal 16-watt speaker. You can use this to cover smaller rooms. It also provides the 3-in-1 USB function. You can use a standard one USB Send cable (A to B) image content, sound, and a control signal to the projector. This feature is always useful when no other signal cable is at hand. The Epson EB-685Wi favorably positioned in the area of interfaces. It has three HDMI Inputs, two VGA inputs, and one VGA output. A stands for analog video signal inch-Video connection available. It controlled via LAN orRS232. There are also audio inputs and outputs on a 3.5 mm jack base. A USB Type B port is possible for the 3-in-1 USB feature.


Image Technology

To the widescreen resolution, the Epson EB-685Wi conveniently positioned when it comes to multimedia use. You can present with him, work interactively or watch films. The WXGAresolutionoffers excellent compatibility with current notebooks and is also HD ready. It benefits the movie playback. The 3LCD projector uses the 1280 x 800 pixels of the WXGA resolution in 16:10 format. With 3500 lumens, its light output is at a reasonable level. Of contrast, 14,000: 1 is also at an attractive level. In the Epson EB-685Wi test, texts on a white background were particularly useful.


Wireless Connection

In addition to the many interfaces that the Epson EB-68Wi offers, it also has a WLAN option. With the optional Epson ELPAP10, you can use the Epson projector wireless INTERNET ACCESS- enable. You can then send content wirelessly to the projector via laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Epson offers Easy MP software for the use of notebooks, Epson, for mobile devices protection App.


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