Epson EB-695Wi


Key features:

  • Stock brightness 3500 lumens
  • A large number of projection options
  • Reproduction of up to 1 billion colors
  • The ability to connect a document camera
  • Interactive ultra-short-throw WXGA video projector
  • Optimal for educational purposes in small classrooms



School lessons and many business meetings are now made more interactive. So that this corresponds to the current zeitgeist and technology, an interactive projector like the Epson EB-695Wi is just the thing. In this case, the interactive ultra-short distance projector offers two different ways of interacting with the image, pen, and by hand. The interactive input thus takes place in two different ways, which show their respective advantages after use. Using a pen is useful when there is a lot to write. The touch variant, for example, when a brainstorming session is due. To the support of both technologies, the Epson EB-695Wi well positioned.


Image Technology

To the WXGA resolution, the Epson EB-695Wi also offers excellent multimedia properties. In addition to the excellent compatibility with current notebooks, which also work with a widescreen monitor, it displays the content in HD ready quality. The one required for this resolution goes into that of the Epson EB-695Wi. You can present video content in excellent HD quality in class or during presentations.

Ultra-short optics are almost a prerequisite for interactive use now. With it, you can achieve a considerable image width over a short distance. It allows you to work on the picture interactively without obscuring too much of the film. In addition, when you are working on the screen, you will not be blinded if you turn to face the audience. And the light output or the incidence of light from outside on the projection surface is also minimized.


Split Screen

Multi-PC projection software will allow teachers and students to share content simultaneously. The Moderator function will provide the ability to control the displayed content and select the material needed to be displayed. The multi-screen interactive feature designed to create one large interactive display using two projectors. Split Screen allows you to split the screen in two and simultaneously broadcast content from two different signal sources without losing quality. For example, a lesson plan from a PC and a demonstration of an object from a document camera.



Here the Epson projector is set up in many ways. It has three HDMI inputs, one of which is MHL-enabled. There are also two VGA inputs, one of which is also one VGA Exit is. There are one LAN and one for the control RS232 Interface available. And the internal loudspeaker can be supplied via a 3.5 mm jack. A jack output is also available. A stands for older video signals Cinch-Video connection available. There is also a USB type A and a USB Type B connection.

That’s not all the Epson EB-695Wi has to offer. It has an internal 16-watt loudspeaker with which a room not excessively large can fill adequately with sound. Another feature is its optional WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS Function. You can use it to send content to the projector wirelessly. Another feature is its 3-in-1 USB display. It enables image, sound, and control data supplied via USB Electric wire. A practical connection option when no other solution is available. A novelty is that the Epson Ultra-Short Throw Beamer is now compatible with the SMART software, which used in many schools.


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