Epson EB-G7900U


Key features:

  • Interchangeable optics
  • ELPLM08 standard lens included
  • Vertical and horizontal lens shift lockable
  • Adjust projection to concave and convex screens
  • Possibility of prediction at an angle from 0 ° to 360 °
  • Wired Network Image Monitoring, Control and Transmission



Epson EB-G7900U installation projector with 7000 lumens brightness and WUXGA resolution, which is easy to set up and requires minimal maintenance, provides high color reproduction and wide color gamut. The Epson EB-G7900U projector is ideal for professional installations in large areas. Epson 3LCD technology guarantees equally high brightness in white and color brightness, which will provide the displayed content in bright and saturated colors even in daylight.


Easy To Install & Use

Flexible projectors are usually required, especially in larger rooms such as a meeting or conference rooms, since the rooms typically do not offer optimal conditions for installing the projector. Suspended ceilings, lamps, and other things complicate the installation. The Epson EB-G7900U is just right because it is very flexible in terms of the projection distance to its optional interchangeable optics. Of course, this also applies to the image size, depending on which optics you choose.

Another plus point is its lens shift function. It enables us to shift the image vertically and horizontally, which makes the installation much more pleasant. It can be controlled by remote control to the motorized Lens shift while the projector is already hanging on the ceiling. The possible offset is +/- 67% vertically and +/- 30% horizontally. If this compensation is not sufficient, vertical (+/- 45 °) and horizontal (+/- 30 °) keystone correction is also available.


Image Technology

To its WUXGA resolution, the Epson EB-G7900U conveniently positioned for presentations of any kind, be it PowerPoint files, pictures, or films. With the high resolution, everything displayed optimally. And since the Full HD resolution in WUXGAresolution opens up, movies can also be shown excellent. A feature that the Epson EB-G7900U has adopted from Epson’s home theater projectors is the 4K enhancement technology. It almost achieves a 4K display by moving the panels, even if it is not a pure one 4K Picture is.



The lens position memory function, which stores projector settings such as lens position, focus, zoom, allows you to quickly get started when projecting images with different aspect ratios or when using different lenses. The Split screen function will provide simultaneous broadcasting from several signal sources. Portrait mode projection does not require lamp replacement.

A new series of motorized lenses, including a unique ultra-short throw lens with a projection ratio of 0.35: 1, zero offsets and shift function, allows you to install the projector at any angle and even in minimal space – and this will not affect the image quality. The built-in camera will help calibrate the projector when creating a multi-projection and will continue to monitor the maintenance of image quality throughout the projector’s life. With 4K Enhancement technology, the projector delivers exceptional image clarity and the most significant detail.



More and more projectors are already using a built-in HDBaseT solution. So also the Epson EB-G7900U. It enables significantly larger distances to bridged with an HD signal via Cat cable than with a conventional HDMI cable. It makes the cable installation much easier, and the costs also limited since cabling with network cables is cheaper than with HDMI or DVI Cable. Under certain circumstances, Cat cabling may already be available.

Epson EB-G7900U ProjectorEpson EB-G7900U Projector


The interfaces of the Epson projector are quite versatile. So it has one HDMI Interface and a DVI Interface. There is also a VGA input and a VGA Output. Also, a BNC Connection is available. One LAN stands for the control or the service RS232 and a USB Type B interface available. Not to forget the HDBaseT connection. For the internal 10 watt speaker, there are 3.5 mm jack inputs and an output. A 3.5 mm jack connection for remote control is also available.


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