Epson EB-W39


Key features:

  • Manual H-Keystone Correction
  • Resolution is WXGA (1280 × 800)
  • Automatic Vertical Keystone Correction
  • Image transmission wirelessly Wi-fi (optional)
  • Ability to view images directly from USB drives
  • Function for copying settings and updating firmware via USB



The Epson EB-W39 has a compact and stylish design and is ideal for displaying video content and vibrant presentations with clear, legible text, especially when portability is essential. The extended lamp life and proven reliability of Epson projectors will ensure the owner is minimal operating costs and worry-free about maintenance.


Installation & Image Technology

In terms of setup, the Epson EB-W39 well positioned. It offers a 1.2 fold zoom. You can use this to regulate the image size or the distance conveniently. If the projector not placed precisely straight, vertical and horizontal keystone correction can help. The vertical and horizontal keystone correction are each +/- 30%. The vertical correction works automatically, and the flat correction set on a slider on the top of the projector.

To its widescreen resolution, a projector like the Epson EB-W39 has the advantage that it can use in various areas. No matter if you want to give a presentation in front of an audience or watch a film or football. To the WXGA, the Epson EB-W39 not only offers excellent compatibility with current notebooks but it is also HD ready. In this case, the WXGA resolution covers the HD resolution what makes Epson W39 an attractive entry-level home entertainment solution.


Wireless Connection

To the free WIRELESS INTERNET, ACCESS Function enables the Epson EB-W39 to load content wirelessly. To the Epson iProjection, The app allows for playback from smartphones and tablets. It supports iOS and Android. The Easy MP software is available for notebooks. It is possible for Windows and Mac. The optional wireless function is primarily suitable for the transmission of images, texts, and presentations.



The projector well positioned in terms of interfaces. It has two HDMI Inputs, two VGA inputs, and one VGA output. There is also a cinch video input and a stereo Cinch-Entrance. There is a for the control RS232, and a LAN interface are available. There is also a USB type A and a USB Type B connection. A 3.5 mm jack input and an output are also available.

Other features include the projector’s internal 5-watt loudspeaker. A small room can fill with sound here. The split-screen function of the Epson EB-W39 enables the simultaneous display of two sources on one picture—an optimal solution for comparing image content. And with the AV Mute Slider, you can fade out the image with one hand movement. When the attention returned to the picture, pull the slider away again. It also serves as a lens protector.


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