Epson EB-Z11005


Key features:

  • Interchangeable optics
  • Possibility of portrait projection
  • Vertical and horizontal lens shift
  • Wi-fi wireless image transfer (optional)
  • Adjust forecast to concave and convex screens
  • Wired Network Image Monitoring, Control and Transmission



The impressive brightness level of 11,000 lumens and the XGA resolution of the Epson EB-Z11005 are universal features in the rental market for projection equipment. For use in the Digital Signage field, the projector can project unique portrait images and set the projection at different angles (up to 3600). The planning of space and installation of the projector is simple and fast due to the lens’s central location with a powerful zoom, lens shift function, and correction of vertical and horizontal keystone distortions.


Image Technology

Epson EB-Z11005 equipped with the latest developments in the field of projection of high-quality images. To the Epson 3LCD technology, the projector provides equally high color and white brightness up to 11,000 lumens. A powerful processor using DCDi by Faroudja technology is responsible for high-quality deinterlacing, noise reduction, and image clarity; the Epson Cinema Filter provides improved color reproduction, making the Epson EB-Z11005 image match the extended DCI color space. C2Fine technology and LCD panels with an inorganic leveling layer provide a contrast ratio of 15000: 1. Especially for medical institutions, the projector has a DICOM simulation mode, making it possible to view specific medical documents, such as x-rays, in the best quality.


Portrait Projection

The possibility of portrait projection allows you to use this projector in the field of Digital Signage. Discover a whole new perspective on things. Portrait mode will be useful when holding meetings or events, such as a fashion show. A regular projection cannot reveal the whole idea of showing a fashion collection and making a strong impression.


Easy To Install & Use

Epson EB-Z11005 fully complies with the installation projectors class and has all the features for professional installation and configuration. A fully motorized lens with the possibility of replacing it with one of 6 free options, the lens shift function up to 60% of the screen vertically and 18% horizontally, keystone correction function vertically and horizontally, a wide zoom range of up to 1.6x provide a vast choice of location to install the projector.

In addition, the Epson EB-Z11005 has no restrictions on the projection angle; the projector can be installed at an angle from 0° to 360°. This feature makes the projector ideal for interactive floor systems or unusual installations at exhibitions and other events. The Epson EB-Z11005 projector uses the latest technology to create multi-screen projections. The Multi-Screen function makes it possible to transmit images simultaneously to 4 projectors from a single source over a wired or wireless network. The Edge Blending function perfectly ‘stitch’ an image from multiple screens and adjust the color reproduction due to the full brightness and color settings. The projector can create even images even on curved and convex screens using the Arc correction settings.



The projector has all the interfaces necessary for connecting to any existing devices. An HDMI input will allow you to link various sources of high-definition signals and play Full HD content. In addition, the projector supports HDBaseT technology for high-quality broadcasting of several types of messages, including uncompressed HD-video, audio, and control signals, at a distance of up to 100 m – this dramatically simplifies the installation of the projector for large-scale installations requiring long cables. The optional ELPAP07 wireless network module and SDI connector make the projector even more flexible in connection.


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