Get with the Ivolum LED projector HBP-1000 the cinema experience at an unbeatable price-performance ratio in your premises. Whether as a private user or in the business sector. The Ivolum LED projector HBP-1000 ideally suited for the playback of films and presentations. To the high intensity and performance of the LED lamp with long service life, the image size from 32 ‘to 120’ can be achieved. To the 1200 lumen brightness, we get vibrant colors and deep black color at various levels. Energy-saving LED technologies cause less energy loss to heat and, therefore, are much more durable and cheaper to maintain than conventional lamps.


LED Illuminant & Media Player

With the robust, long-lasting, and maintenance-free LED illuminant, you can achieve an image size of 32′ to 120,’ and with the 1200 lumen luminous flux, you can experience vibrant colors and deep black levels. The energy-saving LED Technology causes less power loss through waste heat and is, in contrast to a conventional lamp, much more durable and cheaper to maintain.

The integrated media player gives your videos, pictures, or music directly from one USB Storage medium again. Video formats e.g .mpg and .avi and the audio formats .mp3 and .acc, are supported. Images in .jpg or .bmp format displayed directly from the storage medium. Enjoy convenient control with the remote control, such as pausing, rewinding, or rewinding playback.


Convincing Technology

The LCD Panel and the specially manufactured optical lenses allow an optimal picture quality. With the height-adjustable stand integrated into the housing, you can align the Ivolum LED projector HBP-1000 projector to your projection surface height. You can use the keystone correction to compensate for any image distortion that may result. It operated either using the buttons on the top of the projector or the included infrared remote control.



The Ivolum LED projector HBP-1000 has a variety of connection options. An analog video signal can optionally be input via a VGA Connection, or a 1-channel Composite Connection leaked in addition to the digital HDMI. The USB interface allows external storage media to connect or serves as a power supply for TV or multimedia devices. (FireTV Stick, Google Chromecast). Audio signals can pick up via the 3.5 mm stereo jack connection.


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