Key features:

  • Laser light source
  • Full HD resolution
  • The picture-in-picture function
  • Ideal for high-end installations
  • Interchangeable optics optionally available
  • the ability to vertically and horizontally move the lens



The bright NEC PH1202HL is a 3DLP laser installation projector from NEC and has all the advantages that modern laser light sources have to offer. Since no lamps need to replaced, there is no maintenance required, and the long service life ensured. Lasers are the light origin of the future: they cover a wide range of colors and produce high-quality images resolution reproduce in detail. The new NEC PH1202HL designed for demanding, large premises. Its high luminosity characterizes its high brightness, excellent dust protection (‘Super Dust Protection’), and installation functions of the professional class. It delivers first-class projection quality for rental/events, universities, museums, large companies, and digital signage installations.


Easy To Install & Use

A selection of wide-angle bayonet lenses, the broad vertical and horizontal Lens shift area, and a control code emulation offers a smooth installation and the secure exchange of old installation projectors. To the ease of installation and minimal maintenance costs while maintaining excellent image quality. The projector uses NEC laser-phosphor technology, eliminating the need to purchase and replace lamps and provides the lowest cost of ownership for the business. The NEC PH1202HL model also characterized by low power consumption, a more stable light output, and has a typical service life of 20 thousand hours while maintaining outstanding image quality.


Image Technology

To the 4K Interfaces, one HDMI-Output with signal loop through, the internal signal splitter and edge blending function, large-format presentations are possible without external devices’ aid. Additional image sources can be displayed using the picture-in-picture function. The high brightness, up to 12,000 ANSI, high-resolution input signals, and a unique image and color processing technology is based on the current scaling chip from NEC and delivers excellent image quality.

A rich feature set guarantees optimal image quality, including the best possible 3DLP quality with 1080p resolution to date. The projector provides a convenient and cost-effective function of combining multiple images and supports a solution by combining projections without any external devices. The 4K signaling interface with signal distribution and tiled image function and support for additional advanced modules installed in the OPS standard slot provide exceptional installation flexibility to meet the needs of almost any professional application.


Comprehensive Application Support

The portrait mode, an assembly with step-less tilt adjustment by 360 degrees, the unique geometry correction, and 3D- Support open up unprecedented installation options. Adequate dust protection (‘Super Dust Protection’) The patent-protected heat exchanger from NEC and the completely encapsulated optical unit permanently offer the best quality in the demanding rental and event business.


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