Key features:

  • DLP Concert Hall Projector
  • Lamp type is (Laser Phosphor)
  • Projector resolution is 1920 x 1200
  • The image output from USB sticks
  • The image size from 1.02 to 7.62 m
  • VGA, HDMI, RGB (BNC), Component inputs



The NEC PX1004UL-WH projector – just ‘set it and forget it.’ A premium professional blue laser LED light source, combined with a unique, high-quality phosphor disc and no filter change required, and the projector delivers 20,000 hours of uninterrupted operation. These features and low total power consumption guarantee exceptional reliability and an attractive total cost of ownership, especially crucial for long term advertising installations or in museums. Excellent cinematic picture quality, especially on large screens, is ensured by 4K signal processing. With a new optional ultra-short-throw lens, this projector is ideal for dramatizations, higher education institutions, and large corporations.


Laser Technology

The NEC PX1004UL-WH is currently one of the brightest laser projectors on the market. With its 10,000 lumens, it already provides a considerable light intensity that can use for a wide variety of applications. It benefits from laser technology, which offers various advantages. On the one hand, of course, it is maintenance-free since the laser not exchanged. It, of course, eliminates the need to change lamps, which results in noticeable savings. Where the lamp should be turned every 3000 hours on average in a projector of this performance class, the NEC PX1004UL-WH with its laser light source can run for up to 20,000 hours.

Conversely, this saves several lamps, which make up a not inconsiderable cost factor. A projector like the NEC PX1004UL-WH typically installed in locations that are not easily accessible. It means that you may need a lifting platform to change the lamp, not to mention the staff. These costs then have to be added. If you summarize all of that, the investment in the NEC PX1004UL-WH is only a small cost factor in the long term. Another positive aspect of the laser light source is color representation. The laser light offers a broader color spectrum than that of a lamp. Therefore, the images of a laser projector like the NEC PX1004UL-WH look more appealing in terms of color.


Image Technology

A feature that you use less in everyday presentation, but is essential for some industries, is the projector’s 3D capability. You can practically connect a 3D Blu-ray player to the projector and present 3D films with it. With the 3D glasses technology, you can choose between the DLP Select link technology or RF technology. If the RF technology is required, you will need a transmitter that supports the 3D Synchronized glasses. In the DLP Link technology, this done through the reflection of the screen. NEC offers optional solutions for the respective technology.



Also, to the high light output, the NEC projector’s flexible setup is a great advantage. To its various, optional interchangeable optics, it offers the right optic solution for a wide variety of distances and image sizes. When selecting the lens, you have eight optics to choose from. Its lens shift function further underlines the flexibility of the optics. It enables the NEC PX1004UL-WH to move the image vertically and horizontally. Both the lens shift function, the focus, and the zoom can set by remote control. The Lens shift Function itself is influenced a little by the looks. In the basic design, it offers a vertical offset of + 50% and – 30%. The horizontal setting is +/- 15%.



In terms of interfaces, the NEC PX1004UL-WH well positioned. It offers an HDMI input as well as one HDMI Output. There is also one Display Port Interface. AVGA Entrance and one BNC Interface are also available. There is also one RS232 Interface, a LAN interface (HDBaseT), a remote control connection on a 3.5 mm jack base, a USB Interface, and a 3D sync connector for the 3D RF system.

A feature that makes the flexible installation of the NEC PX1004UL-WH even easier is HDBaseT. It enables the projector to receive signals via Cat cable at a distance of 80 m. This solution is considerably more comfortable to use and cheaper than an HDMI Cable of this length. The HDBaseT receiver integrated into the projector. You still need the transmitter. In terms of transmission quality, the transmission of HD material is no problem for the HDBaseT solution.


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